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I'm Sancho

Well, anothah day to dream the impossible dream.


It's not just that the Red Sox are tilting at windmills, they are actually blowing the shit out of the windmills.


And Don Papi the Man of the Monstah is doing his paht.



The Lord of the Monstah, his destiny calls and he goes...



I'm beginning to think the whole problem was A.J. Pier^&*(^)^&ky

He was no "El Guapo"

Okay, I'm back in. I have to admit I wrote this season off about a month ago and have barely paid attention since, but like a good fair-weather fan, I'm now excited. What's the opposite of an August Swoon?

As Michael Corleone once cried: "They keep pulling ME back IN!" But, the butler is a very, very fickle master.

Me thinks Papi was referring to the southern part of Queens, when it came to heat.
And, is my boss getting the idea? Me thinks not. Just had a point thus showing education is not needed to shoot one's mouth off in a sleazy forum. ;0

Ah Natalie, our fair teal-wearing Dulcinea, is back on board. How can the rest of us not be as well? Nice to see that offensive explosion combined with the Lachen's stellar pitching. I'm cautiously optimistic, mostly because none of the other teams in the division really scare me.

Please don't take this personally, but Don Quixote was off his rocker. As apparently are most of you. I am not on board (yet).

Yeah, between the losing and the cat, I needed a break. But if this keeps up, I promise to come around more. :) Agreed that the division doesn't scare me much either. Who knows, this could lead to a properly exciting fall...

The Red Sox? Who are they?

I've been watching Le Tour de France. Yes, that's how bad it's gotten. Skinny 5'3" men crashing on pavement and breaking their arms and legs at 50+ mph amuses me.

14-1 against Toronto? Big Deal - Not on board. Grats to Papi passing Yaz.

This is going to be like Old Yeller, isn't it? I'll get all attached to the loveable galoots and the BAM! They'll drop three in Houston or something like that.

ponch knows the secret of the Sawx in 14.

When does Holt pitch?

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