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I'm in

OK, so...


Don't say it.


C'mon it's possible...


In the next 13 we go against TOR, TB, , TOR, and NYY...


If they go 10-3 or even 9-4, well, it then gets pretty friggin interesting, right?


I confess that when I visualize it, if they play out of their minds and catch every break imaginable, then, yeah, it's possible.


No hahm in dreaming.


Well, except for the rub.


Yeah, well, rich gifts way poor and all.



Yeah, they'll be fine until they slip again. After all this is a team that went on a serious roll bookended by awful losing streaks back in May/June.
Problem: Pedroia can't hit
Papi? Poopy. Nava? Nevah. JBJ? NFW.
And they want to replace Don?
Why mess with something that clicks?

Ever the optimist I did some ciphering during the break. If the Orioles continue at their same pace they finish with 90 wins. For the Sox to get to 91 wins they just need to go 48-19 the rest of the way...only 45 more to go.

This is how I feel about the recent winning streak. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4F4qzPbcFiA

You humans really are scared of your team's failure. Some teams like both of Mudville's teams, are predestined to stink, it is what it is. Now, can I have some chicken liver?

Not a chance.

I would like this nice little streak to continue. It is the dog days of summer, and it would be nice if there was a whiff of a pennant race in the air. But we do need to win each series against our AL East foes.

I'm not worried about catching the O's. With the worst starting pitching in the AL, they go nowhere in the playoffs, so let them in. We only need to catch the Mariners (and pass those between us and them). M's are playing .531 ball, which gets them to 86 wins. To get to 87 we need to go 41 and 23. Not very likely, but do-able. Hell, the Sox would have ten more wins if they didn't have such a bad case of doubleplay-itis.

Not optimistic, but with a few breaks who knows?

Yeah, didn't mean to suggest this is a likely scenario, more that it's nice to have today to have at least the possibility. It's unexpected and makes me smile.

Sometimes these brief, hopeless, finite moments are what make me the happiest.

It's similar to the unexpected midday buzz. You know it won't last, you know you'll reach a point later where you kill your own buzz by trying to maintain it, and you know that you'll probably feel like crap later in the evening.... but at the moment life is everything you've ever wanted it to be.

They are watchable again.

I don't ask for much.


Yeah, watching the game Sunday at the ballpark was nice again. I miss that nice feeling. It was because they played good baseball with decent hitting and Lester throwing fire. Felt good.

I'd just like that for the rest of the season, win or lose. Even finishing 2nd or 3rd in the division will be fine if just to keep playing decent ball the rest of the year.

me? I just want a market for my tickets. That's all. It's all about me.

and what Kaz said too. It's nice to go and actually enjoy a game again. Now if they could only get it to under 3 hours

Whoa, whoa, whoa, BWF. Don't go asking for the world.

Also, so many of my buddies who bought the season tickets around me don't seem to be coming this year. I can't tell if they just gave up their season plans or are just not able to sell them to friends and use them themselves. It's kinda sad...I miss the Fever Pitch nature of knowing all the people around me.

"RICH GIFTS WAY POOR" is an intriguing phrase (last panel today). Is it a quotation from something? I remember when this strip used to quote poetry now + then. Re the Sox, I am also optimistic.

"Rich gifts way poor" is from Hamlet, and it follows the "dream/rub" reference also from Hamlet, e.g., "... to sleep perchance to dream, ah, there's the rub..."

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