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Hey, did you guys realize this was Jetah's final All Stah Game appearance?


Seriously, you'd think they'd have made a big deal about that.


Ladies & Gentlemen, Boys & Girls, The 2014 All Stah Game is proud to present to you The Derek Jetah Farewell Tour.


Meanwhile, we are supposed to celebrate Jetah's heroics even though we learn that Wainwright &grooved a pipe shot to Jetah because he deserved it&?


And we learn that people are mad at Wainwright not for playing around in a game where winning or losing actually has post season implications but because he admitted to the so-called grooving?


Yeah, I'm old enough to remembah when there was a competitive spirit to the All Stah Game even when it was essentially and exhibition.


Hell, I'm old enough to remember when newspapahs were independent and proud of their muckraking history.


Yeah, well, I'm old enough... Ah, what's the point? Everything's all kinds of fucked up.



hb copied my brain. Creepy


Just old !!! ;O

Egads! It was awful. In my advanced (almost) age, I just look for faults in everything. There is so little that is real, genuine and worth wasting one's time upon.

(Shhh...if anybody hears us saying anything less than prayers to Derek Jeter, we'll be put on The List.)

Fox treated Jeter in the same manner my daughter treats the butler, kissing up to this false prophet, purring like a V12 F type Jag. UGH!

The only thing missing from last night's Jeterfest was a special guest appearance by Tim McCarver to whip the crowd into a frenzy.

Yeah, well I'm old enough to remember years and years of domination and humiliation at the hands of NL, so I'm for whatever it takes to get home field advantage in the WS. If we can have some mfy icon retire every year so an NL pitcher will groove some pitches, I'm all for it.

Steven in MD - the problem there is that the MFY are now fresh out of icons.

Al's comment in the last panel says it all just as eloquently as do my creaky knees. Fuck this growing old shit...

In fairness to The Jetes, I sort of like the extended Nike tribute ad. Nice job by Lester there.

@Rob - what, don't they still have the greatest 5 tool player in the history of baseball? Oh, wait...

Well, many of us are old enough to remember Pete Rose hospitalizing Ray Fosse. Now there was some "competitive spirit".

Enjoy Lester's performance,Rob,he'll most likely be in pinstripes next season. ;(

"Pennywise and Pound foolish" (now that's old) Yeah Larry,I'm looking at you.

Pete Rose is so competitive, that he put his money and his ass on the line, and as happens to most gamblers, lost the lot.

I would have eephused the SOB if I'd been pitching.

Thinking of Jeter's farewell tour: Is this new honor going to be built into baseball now? Will there have to be a tour like Rivera's or Jeter's every year? Rivera's was semi-spontaneous, but Jeter's is going to raise the question, who deserves or doesn't deserve this new kind of celebration? Soon clubs or agents or media will find ways to make money off one or two guys' retirement tours every year. Isn't this like the way the whole team now pours out of the dugout at the end of every plain and simple win? Or even during the game after a big hit? Don't most games have an honorary pie in the face at some point? Whatever happened to dignity and restraint? Does anyone remember when it used to take a two-minute standing O to get a guy to come out and tip his hat for a grand slam, or for his 300th homer? Celebration of everything means no celebration is real.

Dignity and Restraint are now two dancers at the golden banana. Look it up.

You're welcome


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