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And with last night's loss we go a season high 11 games undah .500.


You know how bad it's gotten? It's gotten so bad that you staht reading Shaughnessy and nodding your head in agreement as you go.


Hey, at least Tomase is still optimistic...


Hell, at this rate a year from now I'll be watching Bogaerts with a Central American refugee kid the government made me take in.


Beisbol, hot dogs, apple empenadas, and come what may.



RIP Jennie 867-5309 :(

The Sox playoff hopes and old rockers.
Question: What's been dying off faster lately?

As long as that Central American kid isn't Ugueth Urbina, you'll be fine, HB. Until the extended family finds you.

A year from now.....

we'll still be bitching a bout cats and shit.



I'd bitch about humans, but I have better things to do.

Fuck you.


Hey fella, I happen to like empanadas.

I hate cats though...


Well, my boss is going to be having a fun morning, yes he's going to be mated to a female. He'll resist going in his box, he'll scratch me. Then, when he realizes where he is- well, hey, adult feline sex between consenting adults is what GOD intended. Sadly, the Sox losing is a lesson in mortality of talent.
Speaking of mortality, when is good 'ol Jack gonna waste Steve Navarro anyway? He is a totally disposable waste of Benjamin Bratt, who was at his best in the REAL Law & Order. Dank Dank!

It's so bad I rooted for Brazil today...

12 under. Great golf, shitty baseball...

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