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With a rostah of 5 rooks.


Unspoken because there's nothing left to say.


And yet I remain absolutely contented.


I think Brazil has collectively absorbed the entirety of fan heartache for a while now. There's nothing left.


God, hates Brazil.


You'd think the giant Jesus statue would help, but nope.


And then God rubs it in by putting their hated South American rival Argentina in the final.


God wants a Battle of Living Popes. God gets a Battle of Living Popes.



Loser has to perform an exorcism on Lindsey Lohan.

Loser has to account for their leftover Nazis.

Loser has to neuter Chairman Meow. ;O

Ah, yesterday was wonderful. I did my duty to felinedom, the butler's team won, somehow and he had a chance to talk to the Vet's assistant, and walk away happy. My daughter is purring, and trying to trip the butler while he's luggin' the laundry. But that sweet thing (Can't say little thing, as she's a bit larger than I am ;) is quick afoot, kind and delicate. Enjoy these days, humans.

Can we designate Mujica for assignment yet? (along with any and all self-absorbed but clueless Mr Joyboy lookalikes who stand in the corner allbythemselvestalkinginalittybittykittyvoice)

Loser has to erect a giant cat on the top of the Zakim Bridge.

memo to AJ Poopyshits: don't let the clubhouse door hit you on the way out.


Should we call it a Brockoff win?

Also, by my count I think he has played everywhere but 2nd, pitcher and catcher. Has anybody played all nine positions in a season in recent history? If they are going to languish in last place they can at least give us something like that to root for.

Cesar Tovar once played all 9 positions in a single game. Let Holt give it a try. Or more than I try. Might as well, the way this season is going.

postscript: I was in the car a lot yesterday, and, due to geography was more or less forced/compelled to listen to the RS on the radio. Poor Old Joe sounded like he was having fun again.


Joe Castiglione is a regional treasure. I stop short of saying National treasure, as he is no Vince Scully, good yes. THAT good? Hmm.
I grade harshly, using Ned Martin as the standard.
Neutering the boss? What? And lose the breeding fees? I gotta buy beer.

Your jealousy shows, lc and Rich. Wonder why the butler's muttering Oh, mercy...

2 walk-offs in row. Dare we regain some hope?

Oh, mercy.

Second verse, same as the first. HB doesn't even have to do a new strip today.

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