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Bring out the comfy chairs

Jake Peavy ur not doin it rite.


Heh, see I knew they should have saved some of those runs from the day before.


Look now, if you keep joking around about like that you're going to make the CHB mad that we've all gone soft.


Wait a second, you mean we're not as fucking irritable aftah 6 month World Series drought as we are aftah an 80 plus year drought? Oh the humanity!


I think Bruce Allen nails it ‐ poor Shank has nevah and will nevah fully recovah from the loss of his "Curse" money train.


Truth be known, I've even grown soft on Shaughnessy. He used to annoy me, now I'm mostly like, "Oh, he's still around? Who knew?"


Yeah, in the old days we would have brought up the CHB's rantings the day they were published rathah than 4 days latah.


Soft is so fucking undahrated.



He should have moved to Mudville, where futility and the angst it breeds prevails in all but the delusional.
All that success, most of all last years win, had to have shaken his faith to the core.

CHB is so '90's.

No worries,we'll just start a new winning streak. ;D

Will anything break the curse of the frequent CHB column?

Given the collective gooch laid on the team yesterday, it is not surprising that they lost.

Well, it was fun having Natalie back for a little while.

I love the timing of the column. I was going to write in and ask what ever became of the CHB????

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