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2 in a row

Wait, was that back to back walk offs? Get the fuck out.


Yeah, and was that anothah gem by Lestah or what?


The price for Lestah goes up by the minute.


Seriously, at this rate his contract is going to need to be in Yuan rathah than dollahs.


Here is where I could insert a bad Yuan pun.


But you won't.


Nah, I don't want to peso anyone off.




great strip, hb.


Is it still pronounced "yen"? Is Peking Duck now Beijing Duck? Is Lester now a lame duck?

"Mark" my words, I'll be "franc" with you. If you make bad currency puns, chances are you'll get "pound"-ed.

Lester's going to cost a pretty penny in real dollers.

I'm still in shock that Farrell actually called for a bunt, and Mookie actually executed it.

(CUE ELECTRIC COMPANY BIT): Summer. Friday. Summer Friday.


Have a great weekend all. Hopefully we'll have something fun to yak about on Monday.

@Rob in CT: Those currencies no longer exist. Euro showing your age.

Lebron just whipped out his 'dong' and pissed all over Miami.

Is that proper use of a foreign currency in a sentence?

Sitting in post op. Torn rotator cuff. Will not be called up year.

B Holt: Isn't it cool when a young 'un comes along and does this well? Day after day?

It's been a while. My apologies. I have been busy with new job. Now I am in INdia with Mrs SDU enjoying Mayhem and, right now, the Taj Mahal at almost sunset. I see not much has happened. LC is still loveable. Bob is still funny. The Cat is still here. The Red Sox still suck. But at least that Consonant Idiot has gone from behind the plate. I have enjoyed the outrage on WEEI and local newspapers. And Brazil lost. And Australia. And the USA.


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