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What a difference a week can make

Well, this sure has been an interesting past 17 games.


A week back swept by the Rays for their 10th straight loss, and now sweeping the same Rays for their 7th straight win.


Which ties the all-time MLB record for most consecutive wins aftah a double-digit losing streak.


And I'm kinda optimistic about this Cecchini kid.


Seriously, if he can make a habit of plunking the Wall as a lefty, well, let's just say based on prior lefties with a similah bent, he could make a nice little career for himself.



Let's also give props to the scouting staff, who keep finding these scrappy guys to play with the divas signed as free agents.

Cecchini Cecchini Boom Boom.

So now that they're getting a little chemistry going let's bring back Steven Drew ;D

RIP Alice. Can Mrs. Brady be far behind?

As long as he's not kept down on the farm for 7 years he'll carve out a career.

What about Brock Holt's first MLB dinger, followed up by a 4-4 with 4 doubles? He seems to have some dirt dog in him.

Just when I thought I was out ... they pull me back in.

Our old friend Justin Masterson tonight. Which means he'll pitch a 2-hitter with 11 Ks.

Just make sure he has his chicken and make sure to keep him away from women named Margot.....

negative: they can't be this good.

positive: when does the game start?


Oh lc...you rascal, you.

The butler is in a good mood. Having gotten his laundry done and what all, he filled my dish and Emi's and is going to Cleveland for the game. He should be in the upper deck in left, in a Veritek red T. Tribe tickets are quite reasonably priced, thus he has gotten the flake mobile ready for this road trip. He intends to hit a "Steak and Shake" for his early dinner/late lunch. Cleveland has some charm I'm told. I shall enjoy the peace and quiet.

@Cmdrflake: Steak and Shake is all well and good, but you need to stop at Skyline Chili for a true Ohio taste experience. It's actually Cincinnati style chili, but it'll get your taste buds set for the trip in August.

subtle but lovable

That Hassan kid went to my high school. Therefore I hope he is an all star from now until he retires in 15 years.

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