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Summer Vacation 2014

Your omniscient author in absentia:
My overlong, gratuitous vacation has begun. See you back here on or about July 7, 2014.

Keep your Sox on and keep your days creepy.



H.B. and Christy Brinkley:


Chairman Meow:


(With Randy Quaid as LC.)

h.b.'s going to Wally World??

Hope he remembered to bring in Chairman Meow. ;D

Bob, your mouth to god's ears in re: the latter. Happy vacation, creepsters. I'm halfway through my month off and it's glorious. Enjoy your time, hb, and catch you all back here in July!

Oh and RIP Tony Gwynn. 54? Wowza, how tragic.

I enjoy my status and reverse celebrity. I, like Boris Badenov, am going to be known by the enemies I keep. Now, where to z out, ah! The ratty couch.

Hmmm... He's going to be sorta angry. I am having the ratty old fold out removed today. Hope he likes my new recliner. Might kill this shit streak we're in, too.

I've got 3 bleacher tickets for Wednesday afternoon's 1:35 PM game against the Twins this week if anyone's interested.

In re: Tony Gwynn. That's a tough one. I'm looking at a photo of an lc, jr., at a young age, gleefully holding a foul ball he snagged off of Mr. Gwynn's bat at the old Murph.

as for the rest of it.


Gwynn news was shocking.

Live every day like it's your last....

My son took a Tony Gwynn hitting clinic when he was about 7 - not Tony himself, I believe he licensed his name based on them using his methods. I took copious notes and proceeded to try to teach the method myself every year to my little league teams. Not sure how successful I was, but I at least made sure the kids knew who Tony was.

The Tony Gwynn news was extremely sad to hear. He was a classy guy with a fantastic smile. Joy = Baseball = Tony Gwynn.

These death notices seem to come in threes and this weekend it included Chuck Knoll and Casey Kasem.



Well done you.

Another 1-0 win. Better than another one-run loss, but wouldn't it be nice to score more than 0 or 1 run?

Please. Buy my tickets for tomorrow's game. Tony Gwynn would want you to.

The US Soccer team outscored the Red Sox yesterday.

My Real Dollphin outscores them everyday.

Bye bye Grady S. It wasn't gonna happen.


I have discovered in this, my month off, vacations are never gratuitous. They are awesome.

Tough trip coming up but Sox have the pitching to get through it, so what if they don't hit, neither can the A's, Mariners or Yanks.

Brock Holt is fun to watch. There, I said it. People told me, "Bob, don't go there," but I just went there.

I think we found our new CF for the rest of the year. Maybe JB will be ready next year.

I have found a new rest spot. the top of one of my leather recliners. Wonderful. When the butler puts the vibrator it's heavenly. When the Sox win, it is all the better.

Wow. Just wow.

Is your recliner vibrating,Bob?? ;D

I just have to rub it into you jealous beasts.

Workman's suspension has been upheld. The only reason Brock Holt isn't pitching in his place is that the Sox would lose the DH.

That was such an exciting win, I don't even care that Papi was being a Babi afterwards.

Just putting the "I" on Ortiz.

Nice sweep. now off to Oakland. It was fun while it lasted.

The butler turned on the vibration mode on the recliner. I am in love.

My boss is purring like a Boss 327. But, I do not believe he'll do a quarter in 11 seconds...

Too many meetings to go to before my early release program grants me limited parole. So...

Have a great weekend all. Hopefully we'll have something fun to yak about on Monday.

RIP Gerry Goffin. :(

hb, wherever you are you have not missed anything you'd regret missing.

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