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Playing out the string

Look, one day you'll be able to tell you great children exactly where you were during the famous 1-game winning streak of June 2014.


A moment frozen in time.


It's almost sad, but not really.


Yeah, it's sad in the "can't afford to buy multiple houses" Clinton sense.


What difference does it make?





although, in real life®, my politics do not match those of hb, the notion of having to listen to shit from the Clintons is beyond tired, sort of like this candy-ass team. e.g. "we have to sit Drew because we don't want this little twinge in his core to turn into an oblique thing"

I predicted 97 wins. I am a dope.


Bush - Clinton, the rematch. Coming in 2016.


Me thinks that the socialists will use Hillary as a smoke screen for someone that would not stand up to close scrutiny until it is too late. B.O. in '08 hid behind Hillary. Who is hiding behind her now?

Liberal Democrat here. Voted Green Party in 2004. If the Republicans ran a moderate candidate in 2016, they would have my vote against Clinton. Seems like a winning strategy. But they'll probably run some wingnut to placate their vocal minority.

I'd rather have Clinton than a RINO.

"...no pale pastels, but bold colors which make it unmistakably clear where we stand on all of the issues."

The new 24 is a lot like the current Sawx. Both should be better than what we've seen so far. Jack is so far off, it'll take a silly, idiotic plot twist to stave off what should happen*, into an ending the Network will allow on their air.
The Sawx need to play .600 ball for the rest of the season. To do that they need to get a hitting left fielder, with JBJ in center for defense and the remnants of Victorino in right.
* What SHOULD happen is that London gets obliterated and Jack, along with 12 million others good, bad and in the way get vapourised. But that won't fly.

Love this season's 24. It's like a terrorist soap opera. More please.

I have a lot of respect for H.C. (and h.b. for that matter.) However, American does not function well when empires get too entrenched in government, and both the Clinton and Bush families are political empires at this point. They both had their turn. Then again, I voted for Obama in 2008, and that hasn't exactly been a home run, more like a bloop single, or maybe a two base error. Voted Green in 2012, and have no idea what I am going to do in 2016. I'm totally disgusted with both political parties, and 98% of the people that run them.

The Clintons could have afforded multiple houses if they were willing to live back in Arkansas. But they'd become to accustomed to the finer things in life by then, like the cement pond, and toilets that flush with a handle instead of a squirrel's tail.

WWCD? As the butler said, she's running interference, driving up the pitch count, spoiling good pitches she can't hit...

8 years of a combined income in excess of $500K per year (not to mention free lodging, meals and worldwide travel), and they left Washington broke? Yep, that's someone we want in charge of fixing this economy...

Agree with HB on this season's 24. It's a blast.

Bob Welch died today. He was only 57.

Sorry to read that Bob. I immediately thought of the guitarist for early Fleetwood Mac. Then I learned he died in 2012. Oh well.

No Lyrica for you,Bob!!

Bob Welch was living in Seal Beach at the time of his death. This makes me ever more sad.

Yeah, it's difficult to have much faith in politics or politicians regardless of where you are on the spectrum.

I'm just hoping I can play out my own string without them fucking me over too badly... but I'm pretty sure they're going to come and steal my 401k at some point. Why wouldn't they?

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