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If you want justice, go to a whorehouse

So let me get this straight..


MLB suspends Workman 6 games and an undisclosed fine for throwing behind Longoria...


But Price more or less admits on national television that he intentionally drilled Papi in the fucking back because he's still pissed about Game 2 of the ALDS and gets zilch, nada, nothing?


Yeah, well, Obama just traded 5 hahdcore Al Qauda pricks for 1 American desertah.


Justice, ur not doin it rite.


Justice is way the fuck ovahrated.




War is hell. So is losing. here we go again :(

The Sox have returned to their 2012/2014 punchless selves.
Progressive Field is not popular. Could it be for charging Fenway prices for food and beverages in Cleveland, where money is as available as Sox hits with RISP?

The next Rays series is going to be interesting.

So the first time a Red Sox hitter gets hit by a Tampa pitcher (or even if the pitch is just close), Farrell comes out and asks the umpire to throw the Tampa pitcher out. If the umpire refuses, Farrell then — for the sake of the safety of his team — really has no recourse but to pull his team off the field. Another loss, perhaps, but if it's not a level playing field anyway, …

Sign Pedro to a one series contract - to pitch to one batter per game in the next series against the rays.

The Pedro idea is kind of brilliant.

Put a frigging weed whacker up Price's urethra, set it to mulch and hit the trigger. And that's not hyperbole; it's an actual medical procedure I just had. The technical name for it is the Black & Deck Him.

The next time Price bats in an interleague game Papi should send a gift to the pitcher.

Nice... excellent idea.

"Cause when love is gone there's always justice.
And when justice is gone, there's always force."

Unless you're a sub-.500 team with no ticker and a new old shortstop who cannot hit for dick.

Oh well, 'When force is gone, there's always Mom".

O superman! Why hast thou forsaken us?


Mike and Doug are STILL trying to get something straight between them. ;O

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