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Great bench coach, lousy manager, integral part of Red Sox lore...

Zim said "NO NO NO!!!"


But the Grim Reapah heard "GO GO GO!!!"


Maya Angelou, Alice from the Brady Bunch, and now the Gerbil? How many more legends can we lose in a week?


Well, if Zimmah has taught us anything, it's that sometimes you just gotta roll with the punches.



"Well,we won't have Don Zimmer to kick around anymore."...however we will have David Price ;D

Wonder if Bill Lee will sneak to the Gerbil's grave and piss on it. The problem as he saw it would have been.. "waiting in line for everyone ahead of me to do the same thing."

usually I am the one to pay homage to true "baseball men".


I could watch that clip for hours and laugh every time. It has been my Facebook profile pic since day 1. RIP Gerbil.

The 1978 playoff game. Zimmer sends Bob Bailey to the plate rather than Bernie Carbo. Because Carbo was in the doghouse and Bailey was a 'Zimmer guy'.

Swept by the Tribe, and now to motor city... our season predictions are all going to fall early this year.

Roll with the punches...
that was soo bad....

Probably was on the TSA Watch List as well, with that metal plate in his skull and all.

All true,but he was no Steele Sidebottom. ;O

That charge across the diamond at Pedro gave a different meaning to the term "'roid rage"

And don't forget, Zim played for the Brooklyn Dodgers alongside Jackie Robinson.

...bet he wished he'd worn a helmet.
Uhhh-nah,probably not. ;O

Yeah, sad about the old guy.

Noted and well done.
(Go Maggies)

We're off to Melbourne for the game this long weekend. Ah, the Queens Birthday long weekend - the ONLY decent reason for retaining the monarchy. We'll see Collingwood play on Monday playing the Dees but Steele is out due to this very soft love tap:


That clip just never gets old. The Friggin' Gerbil...

RIP, dude.

See you all on Monday. Looks like 4 day weeks for the remainder.

It may get so bad we have to start World Cupaholix.

He found that he was creepier than three of the Beatles.
He is the creepiest man in the world.
I share my creepiness at Soxaholix, even if no one sane cares.
Stay creepy my friends.

Drizzle drazzle drozzle drone, time for this boy to go home.

Have a great weekend all. Hopefully we'll have something fun to yak about on Monday.

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