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Beneath the blue

I confess I was fully prepared to watch the bullpen squandah Workman's incredible staht.


And by "fully prepared" you, of course, mean that you'd have screamed to the television that "Nietzsche was right!" and then stormed off angrily to bed angry.


And people wondah why we watch baseball?



All the above is lost on me. Now, I AM OUT OF my dry food, and the box is out! EGADS! NOT THE VET!!!

If administered to a dolphin, does a handie become a flippie?

His daughter went peacefully into her box. Daddy? Being about the size of most umpire's strike zones, I stuffed him in with only a few scratches. He hates not being the big cheese. O's fans have to be livid about their having to face a guy facing suspension, but...

Too many young Red Sox players end up shipped out and then playing for the first place Oakland A's & other teams...hope they hold unto Bradley & Middlebrooks and wait for them to mature--it ain't easy hitting major league cheese.

I have just two or three words: Dolphin RealDoll.

Little known fact: Roman Polanski missed out on being murdered by the Manson family because he was in England working on pre-production for the movie, The Day of the Dolphin. About English-speaking assassin dolphins. The murder put the kibosh on that project, however, and The Day of the Dolphin ended up being directed by Mike Nichols. Polanski, of course, went on to imitate a horny dolphin and get himself banned from the US by having sex with a 13-year old girl.

Another great example of our tax dollars at work.

David Brat's primary win seems consistent with the comments I made yesterday vis-a-vis wingnuts.

I liked this quote re Cantor's loss: "Every election is a job interview for candidates. Never show up late to a job interview."

Cantor ignored his constituency to focus on his power climb. The constituency wasn't amused.

The VA 7th cuts through my county, although I don't live in that district. Republicans around here are trying to blame it on Democrats voting in the primary. We have open primaries, so it's possible, but unlikely. The right so owns government around here that there isn't enough of a democratic establishment to organize something like that.

In re: Cantor. schadenfreude at its best. A term I learnt from this creepy strip. I figure the D's had something to do with it, but the R's will more or less eat their own shit over it.


The good thing is this is good for Democrats. And if Cantor had won it'd still be good for Democrats.

As we know, the only time an election is good for a Republican is when the Republican loses to the Democrat, as there is some hope, then, that Republican will learn from his loss that he/she should be more like the Democrats.

Workman flirting with a No-No? WTF alternate timeline is this?!

Republicans should look at Democrats the way my boss looked at me after he went to the vet's after his shot and claw trim. You'd think I'd gotten him fixed, or worse.

I get the claw trimming. That shot was gratuitous abuse. I am not going to need protection from rabies. I only go outside to go to the vet or the breeders. That I don't mind. Emi must be more like me. After her shot she gave the vet a good swipe of the claw. She needs lessons. I will be her Pei Mei to her Beatrix Kiddo.

More sad news

And why should I give a damn? 15 pounds? Well, he isn't a trim example of feline excellence, weighing in a 7.75 pounds, at the ripe age of 105. 15 human calendar years. Now, to lie down on my off side, that rabies shot still hurts.

LC, you forgot about one thing: The damn pet cemetery. You forgot about the damn PET CEMETERY!


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