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We pause in memory of the loss of one or our greatest poets

The world is less sonorous this morning.


Truly. Maya Angelou was one of the poets who was great to read but to hear her read was anothah thing entirely...


Phenomenal Woman.



Gotta agree wit' you there, Mikey. She provided a voice to many many people. And, I mean "voice" in many different ways.


She never baa-ed.
Because she wasn't a sheep/
She was a shepherd.



There is some good news. Irwindale, CA dropped their suit against Sriracha's manufacturer. Tongues will throb in delight.
Stay creepy, my friends.

Ah, Irwindale. That was the burg the Raiders were going to move to and build a fancy new stadium. All they wanted from Irwindale was some up-front "earnest money," and everything would be a go. So the Raiders got their upfront millions, and then they up and left. Classic Al Davis. In any case, I'd rather have Sriracha stinking up my town than the Raiders.



I've recently compared winning to losing, and have come to the conclusion that winning is better. Of course, Bill James has the stats to prove me wrong, but I'm standing firm on this one.

Friday. Under .500. Make your own fun. I think the RS have found their voice and Rubby will get ovah on Sat.


The Diary of Henrietta Pussycat.

The Chinese eat cats. The Egyptians treated them like gods. A rather polymorphic creature.

Wait,this isn't the way to the dryer!!!

Meow meow meow summer hours meow meow.

(Mr. Rodgers was weird.)

Have a great weekend all. Hopefully we'll have something fun to yak about on Monday.

The ancient Egyptians had it right. The Chinese overbred and thus had to eat anything that would not kill them. lc, get yourself to Papua New Guinea, then, drive a Holden into the Owen Stanleys and pray the Holden doesn't act like the Chevy it is but for being right hand drive. Humans there eat one another as well as anthropologists, lost tourists and Missionaries. Bit the maid once, stringy. The butler? Very fatty, tasteless and tough. As for me eating another feline? I'd sooner make love to a canine.

"The Maid" knows her ex-pet very well, indeed. That's why she keeps a sharp eye on her god daddy, too.
He chooses his friends, but enjoys choosing his enemies even more. He is the creepiest man in the world. Stay creepy my friends (and enemies ;0!)

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