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With all due respect to George Bailey's anchor chains, plane motors, and train whistles as the 3 best sounds in the world I think he forgot one — the thunk of hahd hit ball off the Wall.


And they all are the sounds of movement, of going places.


And all sound all the sweetah aftah a long wait.



Lots to ponder from last night, like the decision to leave Papi in the game instead having someone faster running for him.

12 innings, just like Game 6 of the 75 WS.

One not so sweet,the clang of a puck hitting the post(unless you're a goaltender)

Another not so sweet, that stupid horn going off after each Canadiens goal. Sacre bleu!!

but the US anthem sung with a slight French accent left me with a little Dougie in my shorts... just sayin

"A little Dougie in my shorts" just happens to be the name of the new colonoscopy treatment from Merck.

and the procedure itself is called "getting Subbaned"

I thought "getting Subbaned" involved having your project's goal being dislodged because of an asshole involved in it.

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