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There and back again

You know I was oddly disappointed with the win yestahday.


Yeah, somehow there was something titillating about wondering fah the losing streak could go.


The streak was noteworthy for its infamy, but now they're back to just being a run of the mill lousy team.


This season is ovah.


From worst to first to worst again.


Somewhere Bobby Valentine is eating a wrap sandwich and smiling a vindictive smile.



Did you know that Bobby Valentine invented the vindictive smile?

The streak had a very ancient Greek quality to it. CHB must feel lost today.

the underachieving dodger throwing a no-hitter didn't help with the kharma either... but a title sandwiched by a couple of duds, if that's what this one in fact turns out to be, is still a pretty good deal... nobody should be looking to re-sign beckett or valentine...

An unexpected journey??

Can we just get some pitching ovah heah?

positive: they can't be this bad.
negative: they can't be any good.


The Gods are having some amusement at your team's maddening inability to function at optimum performance. Like the Maid's Kia, which she hates, but keeps because she and her mate are not fooling with the kiddie boxes. So, unlike a baseball team, which has to change, an '04 Kia can be left alone save for fuel, tires and brake work, which the butler (Mechanic?) is doing right now. His language is bluer than Big Papi!
The job is THAT bad. I am too small and the couch too comfortable.

The way I look at it, the Red Sox are just looking for a bigger challenge. They already went from worst-to-first in 2012-2013, now they want to go from worst-to-first in the same season.

Yeah, that's what they're doing.

dear cat, or dude or whoever you are. I don't have the energy to fight back. it's just stupid.


your in christ,


yours in Christ, hilarious lc :)

I am so not a cat person.

Just the fact that I don't have to LOOK at Roberto Veet's smug-ass smirk makes this season already better than 2012. So...small victories.

Hey, c'mon guys and girls. The Sox were down 6-1 on the fifth inning, two out, nobody on, another terrible performance by a starter -- and yet they came back to win vs a .560 team. Even Andrew Miller did OK. Sometimes the going is good. The season is only 30% over.

My butler is a very reformed Jewish guy. How very reformed? Loves bacon, pulled pork sandwiches and goyum chicks. He also loves a pair of superior feline beings. Now, to get him to buy Blue Rhino canned, which he says is too expensive. Ellsbury was too expensive, too. See the connection?

No way I'm feeding my boss Blue Buffalo now ;)!

Fuck. Just … yeah, just …. fuck.
(Too tired also)


Well put,Peter. ;O

An early season prediction update. The bottom of the prediction contest is cmdrflake at 85-77. In order to reach 85 wins, the team needs to play .571 ball the rest of the way. Seems unlikely. Pennants aren't won in May, but prediction contests are lost.

The grand plan is to tank so that Manny will return as manager and it will seem normal. Ben and Theo have it all mapped out.

what's sort of interesting - not very, but ... BigBreye is no longer the most annoying poster.


Fuck Valentine is his wraphole!

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