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Rain out with rooks

Greatest rainy day poem evah.



Sylvia,can you set the oven to 350? DOH!! (sorry)

I dig Sylvia Plath.

And Circle knows all about stiff twigs...

I have stiff twigs until my morning meds kick in.

I misread. Thought it was Blackrock, a favorite Infamous Stringdusters song.


"This season of fatigue."

And I thought she was dead long before experiencing this winter.

I'm partial to "Rain, rain go away..."

I'm waiting for a red sox spasmodic trick of radiance, to awake them from their lethargy, bats brightly shining from an incandescent light over the green monsta.
My apologies.....

oh, yeah, let's play 2!


Lucky for her kids she was a wet blanket.

The butler is quite angry. He filled our bowls AFTER putting them on the floor. That is sloppy. I think he's angry about "Replay being bullshit"!
But I have my moist, if not warm Meow Mix...

Chairman,I'm sure you emptied your bowels in response. ;D

He can play dead, just like his favorite team, but creepier,and more entertaining.
He is the creepiest man in the Soxiverse.
Stay Creepy my friends.

He is ignoring me. His baseball team deserves such non-attention.

A) There's actually a Friday "not below .500" strip here today.
B) The Sox are in last place.
C) The Sox are in last and the Canadiens beat the Bruins in Boston.

C. What seemed to be the most unlikely choice became fact on May 1, 2014 in Boston, MA. If youc hose C, you are correct and should go f yourself.

I hate Subban

ok,let's not play 2.


I'm really starting to hate the Tampa Bay Rays.

Just Madden.

All of Plath's waiting for another incandescent miracle is overshadowed you know, because she killed herself. Without the help of 1-run double defeats. So there's that rook there, that fluffy-feathered world-champion rook to look at, and springtime.

On today's People's Court, it's Buchholz -v- Oakland, or "The case of the missing fastball." I'm Doug Llewelyn. Looks like court is in session, so let's go to baliff Rusty Burrell and presiding Judge Joseph Wapner.

(Rusty Burrell was an actual baliff in the Manson family trial. Judge Wapner was not the actual judge in that trial. But he did have a date with Lana Turner in high school, and was appointed by Governor Pat Brown to the California Superior Court.)

Have a great weekend all. Hopefully we'll have something fun to yak about on Monday.

This new consonant guy we have catching is fucking killing me.


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