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Play it again

I just can't do it...


Despite the attempts of Buckley and othahs to cajole me into going ape shit...


I confess I remain content to watch the 2014 Red Sox "stumble" along.


I love the honeymoon period.


Everyday it's April in Paris.


It's April in Paris and the Germans nevah came.


Ah, yes, I'm remembering every detail.


And you're wearing blue.



TypePad had issues again yesterday, and I was unable to publish.

Today's strip was actually the one written for yesterday. I didn't want to waste it because, you know, global warming and all.

Springtime for Hitler and Germany?? ;O

At least Mike Salk has a cherry new gig.

A sign of the apocalypse: The Wally Wave.
Really? That nonsense sends the butler to NASCAR.

I hope the fucker gets smashed against the wall.

It's like a thoroughbred waiting in the middle (or back) of the pack, waiting and waiting for that moment, that clearing, that Skankee pushing a glove in the face and BAM! off to the races, rounding the turn and down the stretch they come.

Well the good news is nobody is running away with the division, but I must admit I'm getting a tad annoyed at the lack of clutch hitting.

Not to worry...S. Drew @ SS again. Clutch hitting galore on the horizon!!!

Great strip today, HB. Any strip that combines the Sox and my favorite movie (Casablanca) guarantees a winner.

"Here's looking at you, kid."

Oh,I get it h.b.

You wore blue. The Germans wore their road grays.

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