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My summah!

That's 6 in a row if you're scoring this at home.


So much for all the "depth"...


So much for the burgeoning supahstah triplets of JBJ, WMB, and Xandah...


So much for giving Bill James more of role... I'm looking at you sac bunts


So much for the much extolled injury prevention plan...


Yeah, and you know what else?


These bums haven't won a World Series in 7 friggin months!





Marathon,not sprint Grasshopper :)

Feels like much longer than 7 months.

Time is relative. As such it is, therefore, much more flexible than we may ever truly understand. However, contradiction should not be unexpected.

You can't win a division in May, but you can lose blah blah blah. the Sox are what, 4 games out of first? To paraphrase Ms. Millar, Kevin, "You better not let us stay that close much longer."

Pitching is not consistent; there is a dead zone in the order 7-9; AJ Poopyshits "isn't the right fit", and can't hit; Farrell seems lost, Cabellito is off; neckbeards are only in fashion on Redditt.

We reap what we sow, I guess.


Sorry, I'm still basking from last year. It was too sweet to have lost the taste yet. H.B., enjoy your day off tomorrow. Please root for my Rangers to continue spanking Les Habs.

To say they have a dead zone in the bottom third of the order is missing the equally horrid showing of everyone from Victorino (4th) on down.

This is certainly ugly, but I simply cannot be arsed to give a shit. After last year's WS victory, I'm like a fat, gout-ridden aristocrat, reclining smugly on a chaise and vaguely lifting her pinky to have more wine and cheese brought around....

Back of the envelope math. Sox will need to go to 2092 without a WS victory to return to their pre-2004 level of success. I can live with that because I'll be dead by then.

technically, then, you won't live with that.

Yeah - I ride on last year's glory to at least the All-Star game. Then I'll start caring. Or maybe I won't.

I have ALL of you skunked! I care of nothing, save Fancy Feast, lightly warmed and served when I order it. The butler is so angry he gave up after the first inning of what he calls "This f***ing dog a** team!"
He urges hb to take off and work only Monday, Wednesday and the odd Friday. I however, am not obliged on any day and love that concept of life.

Arrogant, isn't he?

Pay no attention to his posts anyway.

3 World Series in 10 years. We are playing with house money.

Natalie, how DARE you mock The Gout.

Hey, we're going for the first winless homestand since 1994 today. For some God forsaken reason, I find a winless homestand more of something to root for than a 1-win homestand.

How dare you mock me.

The Gout. Stupid goat. What's your real name, Simon Baaa Sinister? Baaaab? Baaabra Walters?

At least I don't think that goats say "baaa".

This is what a seven game losing streak gets you


A goat will say whatever I write it to say. "Then the goat said 'baa.'" See how that works? The goat just said whatever the fuck I wanted it to say. Another example: "The goat said, 'Good-bye, I will not darken your door any longer.' Then the goat slit its own throat, drank its own blood, and drifted away to baa baa land, where goats say baa all day and night."

Oh, baa humbug, I almost forgot (must be this damn losing streak); summer hours start today. And before summer hours, an early beer cart.

Have a great weekend all. Hopefully we'll have something fun to yak about on Monday. (Yaks say 'baa' too ya know.)


Watching the Tampa game to see if we can lose 8 straight. The scoreline looks like a pitchers dual but, in fact, it is simply that neither team can hit for shit.

I would tell my 'A good goat will do that' jury/bestiality story, but you'll know that one!


Or if you forget it, see the last comment here:


And then there is this:




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