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I told you there'd be days like this

Hart Brachen:
Your creepy host has reached that point of inflection that comes with, er, maturity, such that not only has his overall alcohol tolerance decreased but also that seemingly one or two drops over his maximum threshold will result in a debilitating next day hangover.


Hart Brachen:
Either that or he watched Jake Peavy pitch.


Hart Brachen:
But the Bruins have a cure, of this I'm quite sure.



What is it with you humans, anyway? Just have some grass and purge the poison and after a nap in your favorite spot, you'll be ready to function.

The B's must wake up and stop sleepskating.

In the immortal words of my college roommate: "Toot! Toot! Wanna Boot!"

Go B's, etc.



Berocca. And more cowbell.

What Bob said. ;D

On the bright side of aging, getting a buzz these days only requires 2-3 beers, as opposed to the 6-10 of my youth.

And that's why I don't drink during the week. I can't function at work with a hangover. Go B's!!!

I over indulged on Saturday to the point of incoherence and I still have a splitting headache.

Oh man, I feel your pain, hb. Thurs was our spring office outing which got a little sloppy for one and all (and may or may not have ended with my close friend Jonathan and I in a duet of Huey Lewis' classic "If This It"- a prescient choice as I gave my notice on Monday :)... and I was a hungover mess on Friday. Thank god for the "working from home" and, uh, not giving a fuck. :)

Knew this doctor a few years back before he started the business. Different kind of bus then we were on last year.


@HB - Maybe the bus can make a house call.

My Rangers did their part. Please win tonight so my house can be alive with the joy of husband vs wife betting.

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