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Didn't see this coming

With all due respect to the Red Sox and their win ovah the Twinkies, today I shall pine woefully for the Bruins.


A cat chases off a dog on the same day the Canadians vanquish Boston? Coincidence? I think not.


Well, this is one of those times that I'm glad we live in a world of ever shortah news cycles and attention spans. By tomorrow this will be ancient news.


Seriously, we'll be able to get back to worrying about the important things like white privilege, the esteem of fat chicks, and gay weddings.



hockey. fun sport, but the results are too random. not at all like real life.
no disrespect to the surprising new england revolution, but this means attention is now focused on the baseball team.

Papi has found his range, the pitching is scary when they face a team that has pitchers that are delivering. Buchhy will be worth his weight in gold or used kitty litter. We'll see.
The B's? They were Priced out of the game.
My boss looked and walked away, shaking his head is disgust.

Oh, my. This could get really pungent before it's over.

Sadly the B's were the ones who were really pungent. :(

I just hate losing to the Habs. Fuck Subban.

I hate all teams from New York, Florida, Texas, and Southern California on general principles, but I'll less sad if the Rangers knock off the Habs.

Also, while I don't think it affected the outcome, it sure seemed like the refs had it out for Brad Marchand. He gets crossed checked in the neck, falls on the goalie, and the penalty is on him. And then the penalty for spraying the goalie was pretty petty as well.

Maybe he shouldn't do that shit.


The Canadiens turned out to be the good guys, and better hockey players too. The Bruins are bullies, who ended up literally & figuratively flopping at the end.

Steven in MD, Pretty Petty would make a great Bond Girl. "Double agent Pretty Petty, would you like a martini?" "No, Mr. Bond, I'd like YOU, straight up."

I was thinking Pretty Petty would be a great all-female Tom Petty tribute band.

Listening to the game on MLB.com while drinking IPAs and writing a proposal at work. I love my job.

Bruins peaked to early, i.e. 2011.


(stupid prepositions)

The butler just can't think that Pretty Petty would be driving her gran'pa's #43. But, that is what I bet he's thinking. That, and fuming about how they dropped two of three in Minnesota.

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