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Yes, I'm lying. But you're still going to have to trust me.

"President Kraft? This is Bill. CTU just informed me that the terrorists have kidnapped Giselle and Tom. We have 24 hours. I'll do what I must, sir."


"I'm federal agent Bill Belichick, and today is the longest day of my life."


You know what summah blockbustah I'm looking forward to?


Jackie Bradley, Jr. The Movie. Starring Jacking Bradley Jr. as himself.


With a cameo appearance by The Lacken.


Release it!!!



Bobble-heads all around ;D

The Lacken managed to go through a tough line up twice without serious damage.
I want my Jack Bauer! Spoiler alert. He blows up a very large building and it will be louder than Fenway after Papi's shot to the 'pen in the ALCS. Jack Bauer leaves a mess behind him. Lacken almost did. I'll take that.

In re: Johnny Lackinster:

not to mention the cool 500k he's going to make next year. And now some guy with neck tatoos.That worked out so great last time (see e.g. Carl Craford's Bookstore)



Spell check doesn't work on names, unless you are in a hurry. hp spellcheck works when I am in a hurry and slows me down. It hates Buchholz, with possible reason. It tries to make sense of Papi, but I put 34's handle in the dictionary. It will work until it "conveniently" forgets. Which it will.

Went to see Pompeii, with Kiefer Sutherland starring as a ruthless Roman senator. Just a dreadful movie. I need Jack Bauer back just to cleanse my mind of how awful he was in that movie. Plus Jack Bauer would have kicked the volcano's ass.

jack Bauer will get us through the long hot summer without The Walking Dead.

Belichick looks younger than Sutherland.

Jack Bauer - the Ditka of International Relations.

Bauer v. Putin - WWE Pay Per View Event w/ Ditka as guest referee and a holographic Andre the Giant as ring announcer.


today's thread not as fun as yesterday

off to hobby lobby to find a breeding partner.

On the contrary, my friend, this is such a vast improvement over yesterday. For my part, I really hate when I get sucked in and when I take a thread so far off topic.
Anyhow, when I wan't to argue with someone about non-baseball stuff, I'll "take it outside".
Anyhow, I really believe in personal redemption and I am believing that the Lacken is beginning to redeem himself in my mind.
In case your google is broke.
I find it funny that there are easter bunnies on the front. Just in time right?
And if the new job doesn't work out,

I laughed by f'ing ass off when by mistake I went to soxaholix.com using Firefox.
Made my day!

Tis the season for breedin'

Or going through the motions, you know, if you can't actually breed and all.

Lucchino forced Sizemore into starting CF ahead of JBJr because he was still smarting from Ellsbury going to the Yanks.

You are looking in the wrong place HB. They don't allow single women in Hobby Lobby - lest they tempt the good God fearing Christian men that have accompanied their wives in to that mecca of cheap Chinese made crap.

no worries. me gotz the hungriez so went to chick-fil-a. all good.

If they don't allow single women into Hobby Lobby, they'd lose 80% of their business, easy. I don't go there, except for rubber balls, that survive my boss' attacks longer than any kitty ball or dog ball. Once dipped in a catnip solution, he gives it a minute or so. But, his daughter is a lot faster than he is. It's like Big Papi vs. JBJ. JBJ winnin'. Emi likes them too, despite Hobby Lobby's rep.

Back in the day, Hobby Lobby was my go to place to buy dried poppy husks from the dry flower arrangement section. Seep those suckers in hot water and it's a very pleasant buzz from the resulting tea.

Dear HB:
This is off topic but I thought you ought to know. every time I try to access Soxaholix in Mozilla on my computer it goes to the Yankees Home page!Maybe you might want to take a look into that.

My butler is in a funk. His team is not pleasing him at all. He might start hitting MY catnip tea. If he does that, I shall turn my daughter upon him. Well, what is that over there? He is watching "24" again, talking to the TV with forceful purpose, unusual in such an otherwise lazy human.

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