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Y tu pine tar también

I had a foreign substance on my neck once...


Wait did it involve artisanal mezcal, cocaine, and a shemale who bore a striking resemblance to Maribel Verdú?


I already told that story?


Naw, I think I saw it on FaceBook.


Do you think BigBri is in on FaceBook?


Are you kidding me? Dude's like the friggin' King of Kings of Farmville.



Soxaholix is back! Hurray! It was like trying to get on the Orange line at Back Bay station at 8:00 am around here lately. I have a sneaking suspicion BigBri was blocking the door with his girth, unwilling or unable to move out of the way. And shaking in fear at having to leave the basement because, "ma looks all blue on the floor and I don't like Poptarts with black mold frosting."

All he had to do was lick his neck. Nothing to it. This concept of conscience seems to be a matter of convenience, rather than a constant standard one follows. Humans, get off your high horses. We all know who holds the high moral ground. Hint: you don't.

Fine stuff from a being that views the space between a dryer and a hot water heater as a luxury spa and resort.

In panel 2, Doug is talking to himself. I'm gonna guess that's an homage to Chairman Meow.

Ugh. Fixed Kaz.

Ummmm! MARIBEL VERDÚ... God, I find her attractive. And she was so good in that movie, too.

Thanks for the distraction from what a bunch of fucktards the Yankees are. Oh, and good job by Lackey last night, too.

This is a cool interactive graphic. Fav teams down to the zip code.


A very cool graphic. I can't wait for the extension to ethnic cleansing.

Please that Alaska, home of an lc jr. is RS country

So in my suburban DC zip code it's Yankees 21%, Nationals 20%, Red Sox 13%. Interesting that the Orioles are a non-issue.

That map is great but I wonder how accurate. In my county FL it says MFY fans outnumber Sox fans 2 to 1, but I see at least as much Sox gear being worn about town as Empire garb.

I liked the info graphic, but couldn't help think this was NYT's attempt to try and, say, "No, we don't miss Nate Silver, look we can still do cool data stuff!!! Right? Right?"

That game last night was sooo ugly (how ugly was it?). It was so ugly, when it applied for a Mass. driver's license, the RMW gave it one from Chillicothe, MO instead.

They better get the starting pitching straightened out soon or it is going to be a looong summer.

Averaging more than 2-4 hits per game would also be nice.

Or hitting above the Mendoza line with RISP.

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