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When the world hands you a cucumber...

Hey, the Red Sox won!


It may have been ugly, but sometimes you just gotta show up and see what happens.


Yeah, it's like this dude's sweater vest shirt combo.*

*[Slightly NSWF]


The robots aren't going to tolerate that shit, you know....



late start, long game, a a billion base om balls . . . I was figuring a Santos and Johnny reference

HB - check that link on the sweater vest.

Sweater vests are only worn by gay dogs.

Ooops. Try now.

Is that my alarm clock? No, just the smoke alarm. Back to zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz...

I can only deal with Daniel Tosh for just so long, about like watching last nights annoying exhibition of poor fielding and equally sorry pitching once the starters were removed when their pitch counts were reached. Again, I am seeing the team I feared I would see last year.
Stay Creepy my Friends.

3-17 RISP last night, below the Mendoza line at .192 for the season. That better change quickly or we will won't be seeing any Friday strips this season.

"Rapper Andre Johnson severs penis, jumps off (2-story) building, but survives." Man, if your are going do something that drastic, at least pick a building tall enough to end it...

2nd floor? His severed penis was longer than his attempted suicide jump.

Guess they won't be calling him "Big Johnson" anytime soon

...but he could tryout for "Hedwig and the Angry Inch" Ba-doom!!! Try the veal.

If Lester keeps pitching like that, he'll win 6 games this year. (See, BigBri, Lester has been pitching really well, but not getting any wins, so my joke is about that. It's about that, BigBri. Oh, who's the good boy? Who likes his Hot Pockets? YOU do! YOU do!)

Must say my good-bye for the week, as in 10 minutes I will be swallowed whole by a whale. No, not BigBri; a meeting. They better have some chips and salsa or something. Or Hot Pockets, right Bri? And none of that low sodium shite. Full-flavor Hot Pockets with 27 mg of tar and 2.8 mg of LDL cholesterol.

Have a great weekend all. Hopefully we'll have something fun to yak about on Monday.

Speaking of cucumbers. Xander Twitter. Do a search.

I everything okay?

Go B's.


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