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We've seen worse

Hello, basement, haven't seen you in awhile.


Lookout Kansas City, we're coming for you!


Let's see... Pedroia's hurt. Uehara's hurt. I would say it can't get worse but we know it can.


And yet it won't get worsah worse because at least we don't have Valentine running things.


There but for the grace of God...


Hey things may be bad right now, but, you know, pot vending machines.



Things will be better by the 23rd of June as long as Seatle rolls out some of those vending machines too.

At UMass in the 1970s, we had vending machines that dispensed rolling papers. So let's not pretend Boulder is hipper than Amherst. Off to the Cell on Wednesday to watch Buchholz drop to 0-2.

"Budtender?" Hadn't seen that term before, but love it.

Hrrumph. Players dropping like flies, being screwed by the high tech review system. Sounds like the Mudville football team, but the Sox, looking like the team we were afraid they'd be last year, are doing this. But for his "hot" chiropractor, the butler would be miserable.

Note to self: Get license for Doritos vending machine. Place next to pot vending machines. Retire early.

I am in love with my chiropractor. But, she's married to another chiropractor, and they rack and crack their lives away together. They have a fathead of Big Papi in one of their suites. I like that. Another has a wanted poster asking for the arrest of Obama for "numerous felonious acts, including treaty violatin' an' a health insurance scam that Charles Ponzi himself would never have tried." So, as such, another sign asserts "...we DO NOT ACCEPT ANY High Falootin' ObamaCare Insurance. This here place takes CASH. We pass the savings on to ourselves."
The American Spirit ain't dead, but it is gonna git y'all in hot water. I know a lot of my creepy brothers and sisters are socialists, but there are a few freedom loving Tea Partiers that can be creepy Sawx fans, too.

Note to self: kill all cats.


Note to lc: But not in Ulthar.

Of course, they ignore the fact that Medicare keeps chiropractors in business.

//There’s no room for theft by patients, employees … there’s no way to lose track of the inventory,” Herbal Elements owner Greg Honan said.//

Everyone who's ever stolen from a vending machine thanks you for your, uh, confidence, Mr. Honan.

My chiropractor(s) would not be "adequately" reimbursed by Medicare, Medicaid and ObamaCare. Thus, it's cash only. They take plastic, but with a 15% surcharge. Now, they are making money, and would go out of business if they didn't.
Notice the empty premium seats at MFY Stadium? All one needs to know.

Switched over to GOT at 9 pm. I've been waiting for last night's episode for a very long time...

Hey guys! I **LOVE** the new review system!!

P.S. - if you think Dean Anna should have been called out, you are a MOron...

and, out.

This was a genius was of ending the strip, h.b.

all the best,


LC, note how it played perfectly off of the very first line of the strip.

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