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Warming up?

Well, that's what you call a grindah.


Yeah, served with the same tasty salami as they were using last season.


All of a sudden April doesn't seem quite so bad.



Short strip today. Feeling a bit haggard and TypePad was having issues again this morning, so wasn't entirely confident I could even publish.

I think Mujica was feeling a bit haggard in the 9th inning. Then again, seems like every time I see him he struggles. At lest the Lacken looked strong!

It is somehow illustrative of the way things are this year overall.
Notice Ellsbury is having the usual nagging injuries? Uh huh. Notice the use of Steve Lyons? did well, I think. Change is there, and my boss knows that. His (now-bigger than he is) daughter is examining his spot between the dryer and the water heater, forcing him to the top of the dryer for his morning Z. Now, stop raining, damn it!

life is good, but could be warmer.


In the newspaper biz, an abbreviated strip is known as a Polanski (because the Pole is so short).

Hit about 95 today and haven't seen much rain in a year. Sorry.

@HB - size doesn't matter. Strong, solid strip wins all the time.

You know what? The strip still works if you replaced the characters with Mystique and Aura reading the lines.


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