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TypePad Attacked with DDoS

Your omniscient author in absentia:
TypePad, where Soxaholix is served from, was attacked with a DDoS and was offline for the past several days, as you most likely discovered.

I did write a Patriots' Day strip but was unable to publish it until this morning, April 23rd.

Now that things are back in order, the normal schedule will resume.




Was getting a little concerned there,h.b.

...and I'm not talking about The Sawx. ;D

I think some of us thought this was your ingenious way of weaning us off Soxaholix in advance of a sunset. :)

So, last night wasn't particularly fun, eh? But after last season, I just can't get that riled up. Was simply fun to watch the Sox and Yanks play some ball and realize it truly is finally spring. Glorious.

Glad that's all it was. I thought you had blocked me :(

I felt like a character in Left Behind. I figured HB was raptured and I had to deal with a Soxaholix-less world.

Oh the humanity!!

Red Sox drop two in a row on days without a strip. Coincidence? They might wan to check if that DDOS attack originated from the Bronx.

Thought the Dodo was extinct? Glad you're not.

I woulda sent flowers, but they ain't legal in Messachusetts ;0

I am SO glad you're back. I haven't felt this wonderful frustration since 2003. Well, except for that relapse in 2012.

I am SO glad you're back. I haven't felt this wonderful frustration since 2003. Well, except for that relapse in 2012.

Emi is trying to get the butler out of his funk. It means I get my warm spot back. He was yelling a lot last night, and looks morose.
Only rivalry that is meaner than New York/Boston is Liverpool/Manchester, not the Liverpool and Manchester in the wastes of New York, but in the UK, where riot police at soccer matches are routine.

Jeez, I thought this was HB's way of leaving us, carried away on the West Wind like Mary Poppins, without a by-your-leave or a word of warnng. I've been burning up the intertoobz looking for news accounts of a shutdown.

I had never realized how much my late-life experience of the Sawx and their peccadillos was based on the daily touchstone of Soxaholix. Thank you (again), HB. Stay creepy, my friends. And above all, stay *here*!

FYI creeps - Hart has a rarely used Twitter account, but he did use it to notify about the downtime at the host.

@COD - that account kept me from deep, dark depression.

HB - thx for the tweet was better than a xanax.

I'll try to tweet more.

Also if something looks suspicious you can also check the TypePad status site:


I checked status.typepad.com, but it hasn't told me why Bob looks suspicious.

Don't mind telling you I was glad to see today's post. Was a little afraid hb was DDoS'ing us himself.

Hope the Sox can find the same level of relief I did today...

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