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Song of Al's Self

So with Napoli's night, I guess I know what Al's doing for lunch.


Lunch? I'm pretty sure I saw Al with crust in hand at breakfast.


Pizza is large. It contains multitudes.


I CELEBRATE pizza, and sing pizza, And what I assume you shall assume.


The smoke of the wood hearth, Sea salt, flour, yeast, bufala, peeled-tomatoes from the vine...


Urge and urge and urge



Apologies for the late start. Overslept by an hour this morning.

And if you didn't catch it, today's strip is a hat tip to Walt Whitman.

Watched the game on free MLB Gameday. Orioles broadcasters. Gary Thorne kept referring to Monday's game as 'last night's game'. I guess even announcers need to work their way into the season.

I got to blow off the afternoon drinking and bowling at (really near) the White House, and then watched the Red Sox win (on TV). All in all not a bad day yesterday. Pictures for those of you curious about what the bowling alley looks like. Walking through security carrying beer was fun. https://www.flickr.com/photos/chrisod/sets/72157643334614093/

Balls crushed like garlic
A 400-foot piel
In old Nap-pole-y.

Great win, Lackey looked sharp. Love the Nixon pic, COD. "I am not a foot fault-er"

My son's comment about the Nixon picture was, "He couldn't even bowl without cheating."

Lackey's on his way to 15+ wins. For $82 million, we have to get one season of that. Don't we?

I love Nixon.

Yeah, Trot could do just about anything Tito asked him to do ;-)

That bitch could sing.


Middlebrooks does not look good in the field or at the plate--and somewhat vacant during interviews. Guess Dell is no Annie Savoy/Susan Sarandon.

Hello. Missed game 2 win 1. But watched Jon Pap blow a save. Let 2 in, then loaded the bases, then walked in the loss. Did manage to record one out. Then said it was bad luck and threw his infield under the bus. Same as it ever was, same as it ever was...

cool pics, COD. Although that's not real bowling- your balls are too big

"...but we've got the biggest balls of them all."

Tres cool pix, COD.

Inspired strip, hb...If any of you creeps are ever in Vancouver, you must hit Nicli Antica Pizzeria in Gastown. About 7 blocks from the Cruise Terminal) True, thin crust, Neapolitan pizza with fresh herbs. Not the comfort food that our usual delivered are, but worth the visit...I have no stake in it, but hb strip inspired me to go tomorrow night!

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