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The good news is Pedroia and Uehara will avoid the DL.


What's the bad news?


I pity the hatahs.


Seriously. If you find robot sex creepy today, you're going to be in deep shit when the robots are running the place in the future.


Robots nevah forget.



Funny. I've just starting working on a robot account. Seriously. Unfortunately, not a robot sex account. Or a robot-on-RealDoll account.

Robots are in charge of the MLB Replay System,

Anybody else read Shatner's Tek sci-fi books when they were younger? As a young man just discovering lustful feelings, a future filled with sex robots sounded pretty damn good to me. Wait, this is the future. Where the hell are my sex robots?

Yeah, I'm still waiting to have sex with a robot in my flying car.

I, for one, welcome our new robot overlords. Did I say overlords? I meant protectors.

What two concenting robots do in the privacy of their own flying cars is no concern of mine.

Good news, everyone! Futurama covered most of that a few years back. Some of it is actually watchable, unlike the games a baseball team of our mutual affection have been playing of late.

Futurama had an anti-feline bias. A pox on the lot of them.

tough that we play chisox there while yanks get cubbies in bronx http://nyti.ms/1eElq0f

Not tonight...I've got Heartbleed.

I must be getting old... My reaction remains, "Nah. Old School is better..."

Understandably, the notices of postponements are starting to come in. Fancy that. If the butler's team gets "wintered out" I suspect he'll watch something else creepy.

R.I.P. AC/DC :(

Loved AC/DC. Mostly the older Bon Scott stuff. But Back in Black and some of the more recent stuff was ok. They were fun in concert too.

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