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Off DeKeyser and in for the win

In a group of Soxaholix, a woman speaks:
If you watched the Doubront denouement last night ovah the beatitude that is the Boston Bruins, then you are a better Red Sox fan than me...


In a group of Soxaholix, a woman speaks:
Well, with the exclusion of Ted here where such a ranking is not ever possible.



yeah, that sucked. A ,little less home cookin' and a little more defense would be nice.


Beatitude sunset. It was a beautiful thing. To be redundant.

Over/ under on Felix going down to "work on mechanics"?

I went down to "work on mechanics" too. With most excellent results

I went to middle school with an Elzabeth Mecaniques. 'nuff said.

I live near Mechanicsville.

Mechanicsville, I have visited numerous times. It was NOT raining twice over thirty years+ of visits.
One time through pitchers are a dime a dozen. Two times through pitchers are better (Think Dice-K), and get traded for directly or as the famous Player to be Named Later. Go beyond that, and you are damn good. Watching guys like that pitching for the Red Sox? Priceless.

New maxim: Carp per diem - seize the stink - for when it smells like fish. And I say this with all possible respect. I thoroughly enjoyed the return of the kuckleball and the 9th inning craziness.

Not a bad day off.Brewed up 5 gallons of Australian Stout(ask Buck) and still managed to squeeze in a homemade pea soup (had to do something with the Easter Ham bone). All that's left is for Bob to take it away. ;)

Hizzoner Stout?

I'm using it,Nate!! ;O

Do you think he'll be offended?? Get it-offended? ;D

And the end of the worst week I've had in a long time mercifully comes to an end. Well, almost the end. Of course there's no beer cart today. Of fucking course.

Have a great weekend all. Hopefully we'll have something fun to yak about on Monday.

How about one more meeting before you leave Bob?

Random Collingwood update:


As the 'Sox slump, perhaps we could just yak about this on Monday. #suckshitbombers

He is the creepiest man in the world.
I don't always feel "that creepy", but when I do, I read Soxaholix.
Stay creepy my friends.

I left the Doubront game in the 6th inning before it was worse than 7-2 and went to Beer Works on Brookline Ave to watch the rest of the B's game.

It is one of less than a half dozen Sox games I have left early from.

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