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Circus Maximus

Look, I know these are meaningless photo-ops and a chance to play Ceaser frolics with the Gladiators for the amusement and distraction of the plebes...


But still you know Putin would have pronounced Napoli correctly.


Am I right or am I right?



When the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie, that's almira...

Putin is the new Ditka.

Putin would have joined Napoli for a drunken, shirtless walk around the city.

You humans cannot fathom just how easy that spectacle makes being a domestic feline as uplifting and wonderful as it is. Now, to my mid morning spot, and a snooze in the sun.

you're right. and my pix of the event are at http://bit.ly/1mIm1Aa -- might get tired of going to these, but not quite yet.

I found that the Astros getting to C.C. and the rest of the MFY's worrisome, as it may wake them up. My boss is z'd out on his sunspot. I am not going near him, I do not want to stir him from nirvana.
But, the MFY's broadcasters were eating their humble pie and dwelling in 2009. Good, just stay in nirvana, guys...

Caesar? Caesar? I never even touched her!

Fuck Putin, the bitchy little commie. I know Ditka, I worked with Ditka. That little bitch is no Ditka. Heh...

Nice pics Paul in DC. Who'd you have to know to get access to that event?

MFYs aren't going to wake up. they're even more of a house of cards than they were last year. Sabathia didn't top 90 last night, and he gave up 6 to a team that won 51 games last year. I see a long year in the Bronx, and that's not wishful thinking. Well, it is, but it's also probable thinking.

Just one game, yup, but: "...and scored on a one-out single by Jose Altuve that rolled just out of reach of a diving Jeter" (from S.I.com)

COD, it's a former workplace... interesting, btw, that orsillo and remy were up on the podium... apparently they're part of the team...

Paul in DC - I'm actually headed to the WH in about an hour. A friend of the company that works there set us up for lunch from the WH cafeteria ad two hours of bowling at the WH lanes. Not a bad way to spend 1/2 a workday.

yep, tiny alley, tucked away in the bowels of the basement next door, but fun to use...

Paul, Remy and Don get their paycheck from the same place as the players, so I guess that's like being part of the team.

I wonder if Jacoby was invited.

Washington, DC, where you are asked to produce your I.D. three times an hour, and sit in line for hours to pass through a checkpoint.

I've never been inside the White House, not even on a tour.

But I've been inside many whore houses, and that'll suffice.

Remy was there as part of a White House domestic abuse initiative.

And then there's Pedroia's threads...wow.

WH is an occasional meeting site for me. Not as much fun now that they've moved the visitor's exit over to 17th Street. It used to be fun watching the tourists watching you as you came out, trying to figure out if you were anybody important... Always hoped to run into one of my ex-bosses or ex-girlfriends at that point.

I love Pedroia's threads! Looks like he got the better part of the Goodwill box. I say this with no sarcasm; he shares my taste in clothes: if you can sleep in it and wear it the next day, it's golden.

Putin NEVER gets your name wrong by definition.

However it comes out of his mouth is now the new way your name is said.

hb, we likely share patronage in some houses of ill repute.
Thus: The whorehouses he patronizes are raided frequently by the health department. He is the Creepiest man in the world.

Speaking of circuses and whorehouses, Cha-ching.

A booming homer by Napoli. Me thinks he was sending a message.

Pedroia's wardrobe always looks like he rolled in glue and dog hair.

Maximus Super! ;D

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