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Bouncing back

Well, it wouldn't be the first time the Orioles seem to have our numbah.


"It's the collapse of 2011 all ovah again for these coddled brats."


Gotta love Red Sox Nation. I mean anyone could be content with 3 World Series Championships in 10 years. It takes a certain panache to put all that aside to winnow in on the bad years.


We choose to live in gloom. We choose live in gloom in this decade and do the othah things, not because they are easy, but because they are hahd.



I'm just glad today's strip didn't say "April Fools! I'm retiring! See ya in the funny papers!".

Bob from Dracut seems like an exceedingly pleasant man who would be absolutely enjoyable to watch a game with. Or, you know, whatever the exact opposite of that is.

Not worried in the least; the Os are always spoilers and the bats need to warm with the weather. Kids, it's baseball season, all is right in my world....

That explains why the butler was grousing and shouting "Can't you idiots get ONE across?"

I'm not from Dracut, but I know this other Bob. He lives inside of me and sometimes yells, "Kill them, kill them all!" really loudly until my head starts to hurt so bad, so very bad...

Anyway, I saw things I like yesterday. Lester was awesome. Sizemore was great. Now, we just need a touch of timely hitting, and some wind that doesn't blow down home runs balls at the warning track.

Marathon,not sprint.

Lester pitched great, and I'm happy we have a Grady in a Sox uniform that we enjoy talking about.

house money, kittens, house money.


Sizemore got a single and a homer. I'm happy with that. Not so happy that we left 10 men on base.

So is tomorrow's game "must win?"

Glad I didn't predict 162 wins.

Loved Obama's pronunciation of Napoli today.

Best comment on first game care of Buck S... Why are we wasting a good gate like this on opening day?


April Fool pranked my son. I told him that Farrell had been fired for not winning a game all season and that he was being replaced by Bobby V. Gee, I hope my son will start speaking to me again.

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