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April showers

If you would told me before the season stahted that the defending World Champions would be struggling to finish April at .500...


I would have said, I think you're onto something.


Yep, the World Series hangovah is to be expected.


I confess I didn't see it taking the form of throwing to the wrong base or dropping pop flies.


Yeah, like Tomase, I remain optimistic that everything we've shaken our heads ovah in April is totally fixable.



April is almost over? It feels like March never left.

Among other troubles to be thankful for not having, we could also have a Donald "Tom Yawkey" Sterling running the club, exercising his First Amendment rights to free speech...

That racist motherfucker is doubtless just misunderstood.

the cat, I mean.


I realize that a foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds. On the other hand, a reasonable (winning) consistency-- tis a consummation deeply to be desired.

You know what they say about April: It comes in like a lamb, and fuck April.

The authorities involved might leave the infamous ice boom in Lake Dreary keeping Mudville cold until more of the ice melts. So, we stay cool, whether we want to or not.

I had the news station on in my truck which becomes the Yankee radio station, so when I came out of my game last night I was treated to John Sterling and Suzan Waldman waxing ecstatic about Vidal Nuno and his last start. Dude went 4.1 innings and coughed up 3 runs with a WHiP of 1.62. Those two just ooze pinstripes.

Bob, are the "they" in your comment New Zealanders?

worded much nicer than I would have, Kaz.

I figure the baseball season really doesn't begin until the B's season ends.

Ohh yeah. Embraceable ewe. Ribald racks. Leg of love. Pork my chops.

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