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What's old is new again

Just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in!


Of course, because we are not the ones born with the wisdom to know that nothing lasts...


Those who can live without illusion, or without even the hope of illusion.


We are not that grown up.


We are simple creatures, tied to more primitive patterns and cycles.


We need to think something lasts forevah, and it might as well be that state of being that is a game; it might as well be that, in a green field, in the sun.


Ladies & gentleman, boys & girls... let the 2014 Baseball Season commence!



Hell yeah. Let's play 2!


And so it begins.

A new season! I am in the middle of an endorphin rush. From an online comic/blog. Sad? Sick? Who cares? Welcome back HB! Mille grazie. Predictions and changes to predictions accepted until 3:05 ET.

"Memory of sunshine," indeed.

Three days of warm sun, and New Englanders would be overcome with Solar Vortex Syndrome.

A banner day... a new season and a new strip. All is right in my world. Let's go, Red Sox!

Thank you, h.b.

The season is hours away. I was sliding like a hockey player on my driveway yesterday morning, to the amusement of my boss. But, the shit is melting so here we go. Fasten your seatbelts. It's going to be a bumpy night.

Anything is preferable to NASCAR. The sight of the butler doing his best Eddie Shack impression? Priceless. The sun is out in Mudville, and my window is warm. My day is made.

opening day and a new strip- thanks for lacing them up for a new season h.b.


No, I mean, reallly?

Am I the only one who knows what -30- means?


Blue skies and sunny here in the DC - Baltimore area. Should be a fine day for an Orioles loss. I started a new job 3 weeks ago so I won't be sneaking out for a game this week.

...let it begin again....like I knew (at least hoped) it was going to do

A story, like a ball, has an arc. Here's hoping that this season, "the physics (are) as elegant as the arc the ball describes."

No matter when, or how long, we have HB describing that parabola, please, baseball gods, let it be elegant. Or at the very least, fascinating. In the way a long putt at Augusta is fascinating, or a football fumbled forward, or a RealDoll bent over to fit in a trunk.

Thank you HB.

I think this describes me: " I am a simpler creature, tied to more primitive patterns and cycles. I need to think something lasts forever, and it might as well be that state of being that is a game; it might as well be that, in a green field, in the sun."

It made me nostalgic for a simpler time. Though from this time I love being able to stream any baseball game over my computer :).

God bless you, h.b. The thought of what could have been left me so saddened, I could not post my thoughts. Ecstatic to climb off the plane here at DFW to find today's strip.

Hell yeah, Rich - let's play two!

Oh yeah... UCONN men
in the Final Four?!

Hell yeah again!!

Go Huskies!

I'm going to say 92 games. What the hell.

Happy Opening Day everyone!

Thank you!

Strip within a strip! Thanks HB.

And a shameless plug...http://www.providencejournal.com/opinion/commentary/20140331-chip-benson-every-rem-dog-must-have-its-day.ece

Thanks HB, glad to see a strip for opening day.

Awesome, opening day and HB reups. Thanks bud!

@lc My better half has a journalism degree. End of story.

I'm with Beth - 92 games. It's enough to win the AL East this year.

To every season...there is HB. Thanks!

Let's go kick some ass!

I was all "meh" and then I read this strip and the comments and now I'm "hell to the yea!" Great to see you back HB! Go Sox!

Notable missing predictions - Harwich Rich, Kaz, & Rob in CT.

Made my day.

And Betsy in Rhode Island. Prediction?

Let's play two! What? okay, one then.

I'm giddy that there's a new strip. Sox win 94 games this year.

96 wins
The B.G. piece is beautiful: thanks for that HB, and for whatever else comes along on this stirp.

91 (head quiets heart slightly)

Prediction: somewhere in the 90's... how about 93?

Yay! Play ball, baby!
93 for me, yazbread.

93 Wins...

Thank you hb! Sorry I'm late with prediction but I'll go with 90 wins and 25 mangy beards please.

Sorry to be so late to the parade kids.Prediction? My head says 89. It's a long way to Sept.28 (my birthday and hopefully Jeter's last game) Working on tickets-anyone want in? All season to work out the details.

Since today's game is tied at the moment I assume it's still okay to make a prediction: 95.

OK, Yaz. Making
predictions on opening day is like food shopping when I'm hungry, I always shoot too high. But put me down for 93 wins.

What the heck, I'm feeling optimistic. :-D

'A way a lone a last a loved a long the …

riverrun, past Eve and Adam's, from swerve of shore to bend of bay, brings us by a commodius vicus of recirculation back to Howth Castle and Environs.'

Finnegan, begin again.

What a happy way to wake up down under - Joe on the internet wireless device and hb on the iMac. Almost alleviates the need for the oxycodone hydrochloride. Nuh, fuck that! (I only have 11 left; scratches palms of hand furrows brow; contemplates unethical local doctors …

@lc - exactly

Great to have you back! I'm looking forward to another good year. My prediction, just to get it out into the world: 89-73, wild-card.

hb: thank you
lc & sdu: second that

Thanks HB - I haven't been this happy since Roberto Veep got axed. A new year starts!

90 wins, enough for the WC.

Thank you for this gift. It simply means a lot to me.

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