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Sunny with a chance of bling

If you need something to warm you up this morning, I suggest this Gammons' video...


"I have no doubt about Bogaerts being a star..."


"... Middlebrooks a 'potential 35 hr guy'"


"...Jackie Bradley 'one of the greatest makeups ever encountered'..."


Hey, and while we're trying out our rose lensed glasses on account of the sunshine, let's not forget about the veterans like Clay Buchholz who "has the talent to win the American League Cy Young Award."



It all sounds great and all, but what about Napoli's degenerative hip condition? And Putin? What about PUTIN???

Bob needs to get mellow. Seriously mellow. I on the other hand, refuse to be anything other than that, as it would be undignified.

After making that post, he scrammed it under the sofa.
All this forced optimism has me wondering when we get back to our true self loathing and paranoid selves. Now I want to sleep under the couch.

All this optimism is unbecoming for a Red Sox fan.

Gammons knows more about baseball than I do (I guess), but I just don't see Middlebrooks playing enough to ever get 35 HRs.

I have a chubby

I think we all need to revise our predictions upward.

Considerably different conversation than last year at this time, innit?

About Buchholz...Yeah,as long as no kids sleep on his neck ;D

*** UPDATE Weds, March 5 ***

I am getting absolutely clobbered at day job. Got nothing but animosity today.

Revel in your animosity. Use it to excel and repel.

The baseball gods, Red Sox division, aren't pleased. We need a sacrifice! (3-5 G/Sac/RBI)

cat makes a good sacrifice.

In ancient Egypt,cats sacrificed humans....or some such bullshit!! ;O

Work sucks. Get through the day, HB

In Soviet Union, litter box shits YOU.

In Soviet Union, claw pole scratches YOU.

In Soviet Union, Fancy Feast eats YOU.

In Soviet Union, cat urine smells like YOU.

In Soviet Union, hair ball coughs up YOU.

In Soviet Union, blog writes YOU.

Welcome back, Yakov!

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