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Spring Break (Mon/Tue Placeholder)

Your omniscient author in absentia:
Enjoying a little sun in what is supposedly one of the best surfing spots in world...



Mahalo, bro...

North Shore, bro?

Or are you with sdu?

That was my thought too, Bob.

The painting in the strip shows surf I'm comfortable with. When I lived in Hawaii, it was long boards on Waikiki "waves." Anything more challenging exceeded my talent.

So, since there is little baseball to yak about, who wants to talk True Detective? Do we have a quorum of watchers amongst our creepsters?


Great show - but I'm two episodes behind, so please announce spoilers.


I would have said Wellfleet,but there's no sun. ;D

Steve in MD, I'd just stop watching if I were you. You already know everything you need to know, and have seen the best episodes. IMO of course.

I agree completely with Bob. Finale was disappointing to say the least. But we can table this discussion til you've seen them since there were no other takers on the discussion. :)

My experience in HI last summer was on a paddle board in a protected cove. Great fun, but I can't say I wowed the locals with my mad skillz.

No HBO = no True Detective. Heard some good things about it though... Yes? No?

I'm guessing HB is in Rincon, getting in his spring training for Spanish.

I just know that my sunny spot for this time of day is getting good, there is talk of a storm, so the butler will be off to his spirits purveyor.

I wonder if HB is actually LH: Laird Hamilton. (My great- great- great-grandfather was named William Laird Adam, and from what I've heard, he really new how to surf around tax laws.)

Knew. Tax evasion is not new.

It has been said that tax evasion began roughly a day following the imposition of the first tax.
Without the noble efforts to evade taxation, this country wouldn't exist.

@Natalie, I watched the last two eps last night, and I agree with your assessment. An unsatisfying ending (but not nearly as unsatisfying as the ending of Dexter).

This blog is ten years old this month! Unfucking believable that in that time the Sox have won 3, and fielded some great teams. HB and the soxaholix make the experience that much more fun, so thanks all.

@bob @rob
Whatever happened to sdu?

I heard he died in Vietnam. While zip-lining.

Take your pick: Hazel Mae, Heidi Watney, Jenny Dell, Tina C., Ned Martin...new girls?

Something baseball related?

Oh, and thanks HB for 10 surly and loveable years.

Ten Years After -- "I'd Love to Change the World" -- you did-- thanks, HB

Hb is the symbol for hemoglobin. Without him, there'd be no red in Red Sox.

Congrats on 10 years of excellent creepiness.

Maintaining creepiness for ten years is more meaningful to him than having a doctorate in, say art history or ecology.
He is the most creepy man in the world.
Stay Creepy, my friends.

Do please forgive me, but since when did creepiness become a point of pride? Had to have been going on longer than 10 human years.

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