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Friday on Friday (but vacation next week)

Let me get this straight: The team the won 62 games last year and essentially fielded a AAA lineup is "outraged" that they face a Red Sox team with only 2 stahtahs.


And one of them was Jackie Bradly Jr who really counts for 2, so quit your bitchin, there's your "premium" price right there.


Seriously. And, look, we didn't even run up the score.



Part of the reason work has been such a bear this week, is that I'm on vacation next week.

I'll pre-schedule some placeholder strips for the yakking.

Stay creepy my friends.

Relax, chill out, have fun, HB.

Homonyms, h.b. First panel...

One vs. Won?

Don't mean to be the grammar Nazi. Thanks for the Friday post. Enjoy the vacation.

won/one... yep, thanks. fixed. i'm tired and sloppier than usual. and glad you pointed it out.

It seems to me if we are playing a Triple A team that it is only fair that we field one to.

The folks at Cadillac would suggest you are a slacker for taking time off.

I live in South FL, where yesterday's game was played. Marlins are a joke, even during the regular season they field a team of nobodys. That said, they do try to charge $40-50 for a spring training game with the Sox, which I won't pay since the Sox always come over with just 1-2 regulars. Not worth it.

Enjoy your time off, hb!

Long meeting time. Have a great weekend all. Hopefully we'll have something fun to yak about on Monday.

Is hb going on Spring Break?

Maybe he has to leave the state now to take "candid photography."

Does this set a record for legislative speed?

@sdu. nice bike picture. at least somewhere it's summer.

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