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The game begins in the spring

You know I've seen some troubled Red Sox teams ovah the yeahs, but the behind the scenes with USA speed skating is on a whole othah level...


I mean ordering your team to tampah with anothah team's skates?


Somewhere in Connecticut, Bobby Valentine just exclaimed, "That's right, mothafuckahs, I'm not the worst coach in the world."


And he invented the wrap sandwich.


Speaking of wraps, full squad reports today... the offseason is behind us.



To tamper with another team's equipment is bringing back memories of how a nameless team's equipment kid put itch powder in their opponent's shoes. The victims won anyhow, and then put itch powder in their shoes on purpose. I (statute of limitations apply here?) was given the boot, but not for the itch powder. It was the reason I got tossed everywhere else. Bad. Grades.
Stay creepy my friends...

Ryan Dempster,we hardly knew ye.

In high school, one of my jobs on the basketball team was to look like I was on the bench innocently dribbling a ball. Whenever the other team got an easy fast break, I would "accidentally" dribble the ball off my foot and onto the court, where the stupid refs would blow the play dead.

I also played power forward and led the league in rebounding one year, so I wasn't just a one trick pony.

I had a teammate on the Track and Field team who was infamous for moving the tape opponents used to mark their starting point in the long jump. About 7 times out of 10, it made them foul on their jumps. Fun is...

Way to go ladies. Nice choke.

Yeah, I don't feel sorry for them at all. Silver is as silver does.

"Silver is the best investment vehicle there is."-Richard Harrison, Sr.

William Jennings Bryan is happy.

Well they are going home with their own crown of thorns.

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