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Reference Back, Way Back...

So I've been thinking...


As much as love winning, love championships, indeed, I wouldn't want to have it any othah way...


I can't help but be drawn back to the losses.


It's like they are somehow more vivid in my mind.


See, Larkin was so right in his "REFERENCE BACK" poem...


"Truly, though our element is time.


"We are not suited to the long perspectives Open at each instant of our lives."


"They link us to our losses..."


To my unsatisfactory age. To my unsatisfactory prime.


There you have it.



Sherman,set the wayback machine to 2003. ;D

This makes me want to download old Steve Winwood and get mellow.
(While there is time/Let us go out and do everything. SW)

Indeed, Cmdrflake, although I disagree with your choice, music is the one thing that DOES link us to those losses, and that unsatisfactory age/prime.

Steve Winwood or some "antique negroes"

luke, you have broken free of the dark side.
(and yes, 1977, a year when 97 wins only bought you a tie for second)

I still stew about a playoff game we lost when I was coaching my son's little league team. Extra innings we scored 3 runs in the top half and then gave up 4 in the bottom of the inning to lose. And then there is 2003 Game 7. Don't get me started on Grady Little.

The futah never comes.

The past is always with us.

Go RedSox.


I'm not the only one who still has Aaron Fucking Boone flashbacks?

This just in-Atlanta Braves pitcher Mike Minor is resting comfortably from Dickhole surgery (also known as Tommy Dong surgery).He and his dick are expected to make a full recovery and pitch this season.

Was it Barry or Gene Larkin who wrote that poem?

Unsatisfactory prime? Oh, great. Now I'm all melancholy and shit. Where are my Marvin Gaye albums?

Ahhhh. "Inter City Blues (Make Me Wanna Holler)"

That's better...

Bob will be glad to note that the butler put on the Rolling Stones very first CD, and mused about how the '64 Sox sucked seriously.
I kinda prefer the softer music. But, from my favorite place among the dust bunnies under the couch, it sounds better to me.

Aaron fucking Boone? I still have Bill Buckner flashbacks. I can tell you in detail where I was on that fateful night.

Me, too, COD. The Pig & Whistle on 48th St. in Manhattan. It was a long train ride back to Brooklyn that night.

Ok, h.b. No more memory lane trips for a while, okay? Hey, we're WS Champions! No more moping.

@cat Rolling Stones never issued a "first cd". They were LP's.

lc, he's not aware of LPs and their fabulous artwork, being too young. CDs are all he's aware of. I haven't had a turntable since I lost it to one of my Long Island princesses long before his great, great gran'pa was around, bossing people around acting like he's superior to humans.

What does Barry Larkin know about "losses" and an "unsatisfactory prime"? He never even PLAYED for the Red Sox.

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