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Best line of the nascent Grapefruit season:

"The beard didn’t hit or throw a fastball all year." — Jonny Gomes.


Speaking of lines, Atlantis Casino has their ovah/undah out and peg the Sox at winning 87.5 games.


Sounds about right.


And the Yankees only winning 83.5?



I like 'em for 89.

Oh, prediction time?

As you all know, I predicted the Sox would win it all last season.

What? I did. You can look it up. (HB, don't look it up.)

Okay, here goes: 91 wins.

My cautious side has me setting my number at 85.
It would make my year if the MFYs won, say 77, but 81-81 would squelch Mr. Annoying John Sterling half the games played.

One dollar,Drew-Oh,wrong game ;O

I think I won last year with a prediction of 92 wins, so what they hell. Let's do it again.

92 wins.

Predictions must be posted by March 31st, 3:05 Eastern Time.

Why must I state this? The Sox shall win 90, since that's my age in proper feline years. Now, back to my sunny spot.

I am going with 91 wins.

Prediction time already? I'd like to see some of the spring training action before locking it in but at this point I like them for 90 wins.

96. book it.


I'm in for 94. Bring. It. On!

It is early... maybe we can do a second round going into Opening Day.

Right now I'm down for my usual 86 wins.

HB - the idea is to bet with your heart, not your head. But we will do a final call and allow revisions right up to post time.

Heart: 102 - fuck it, I'm all in!

Head: 90 - a lemming following most of the group here.

93. Love that they're going young.

It's very difficult to say with the changes made. If the pitching performs well and the utes (Bradley, Bogaerts, Middlebrooks) perform, this team could approach 100. If not, they could be lucky to get to 81. I'm going with 93.

And Lackey is going to win 15+ dammit.

Hey, that is my heart!

I think we caught lightening in a bottle last year.

Note: I also said after 2003 that it'd be 20 years before we saw another trip to the ALCS. I'm not especially good a predictions.

They did gloriously catch fire last year. I say 89.

Ninety two (92) wins. Mark my words. Bogarts MVP.


So I have an Excel spreadsheet with three worksheets for 2012, 2013, and 2014 predictions. That should give you an idea of my obsessiveness. Also my productivity on any given day.

I was thinking 92 also, but COD and sdu already took that, and to paraphrase Groucho, "I don't wish to belong to any club that would accept me as a member". So, 95 wins it is. The same # RBI for X-man

Oh, and thanks for the bday love yesterday. Much appreciated

In the spirit of if-you-go-over-even-if you're-closer-you-lose, I'll say 86 and hope I'm wrong.

I'm not quite in baseball mode yet; I need to have the grapefruit league underway. I'll take 89, subject to change.

91 wins and a WS win if Middlebrooks and Bogaerts hit, and I would love to see them not sign Lester to a big contract--bring up the young arms!

If 92 is good enough for sdu, it's good enough for me.

Gotta nice ring to it (um, so to speak...)

I'm in for 97. Smile.

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