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Hey, look! Fresh baseball news.

Nice to see Joe Castiglione up there, but I wish like hell that Pedro was getting a day all to himself.


Absolutely. On the othah hand, his presence will ovahshadow Clemens, which is exactly how it should be.


The thing about Clemens is all the bad feelings we have about him are the from things that occurred aftah he left the Sox, and his time here was pretty awesome.


Well, Ninja shoelaces occurred with us.


I stand corrected.


I can deal with Clemens. And Pedro will get his own day when his numbah is retired.



And Petey will get his own day and bust and immortality when he's elected to the HOF. And then, his 5' 10 1/2" shadow will completely cover Clemen's 6/4, 235 pound dark spectre.

The Texas Con Man is dead to me.

Also Schilling has cancer, but nobody is saying what kind of cancer he has.

Cancer sucks.

TIL Rogah Clemons is still a thing.

Loyalty is bought and sold between you humans all the time. Deal with your own crap, humans. This Clemens just became a Sox killer while playing for the MFYs, which burned the bridge for all time.

My boss, the Chairman, wrote that after nuzzling up to my god daughter, purring to her, despite her having that "awful" bell on one of her crutches. Think he was telling me something?

Clemons played 2 years with the Blue Jays, and won the Cy Young both years. He killed the Sox well before he went to the mfy.

you know, just fyi

Rogah should be able to hear the boos loud and clear with that third ear growing out of his forehead. Oh wait, I forgot, he never took steroids.

Clemens may be in, but White Irving Fryar was there first, praise him.

How very unfortunate that Pedro has to share his day with Roid Boy Clemens.

Sucks royally!

Friday is Fryday when you have donuts in a bag/Friday is Fryday when donuts make that bag sag/Friday is Fryday when you dunk 'em in your joe/Friday is Fryday when your RealDoll's a ho.

...and Kaz is in Blighty,lots of rain but no snow. ;O

Dogs cross the street to avoid him.
Blackflies will not bite him.
His own cats eye him with suspicion.
He is Commander Flake, the creepiest man on earth.
"I am not always THAT creepy, but when I am, I read Soxaholix.
Stay creepy my friends."

When's curling start?

When does curling end?

Peyronie's is all I have to say about curling.

Have a great weekend all. Hopefully we'll have something fun to yak about on Monday.

Maybe some FRESH baseball news

Happy Truck Day.


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