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Chain reaction

"How I am on the field is competitive. I just want to win. I'm intense on the field."


Between Pierzynski and Pedroia, the intensity may cause nuclear fission.


Speaking of the Lasah Show, I love Chad Finn's optimism: powah surge, baby.


He is the miniature badass.


It's the very moderation of his size which makes him so excessive, so badass.



Pedroia swings the bat like Mel Lentz swings the axe. With the kind of abandon rarely seen in borderline sports shown on ESPN after 3:00 AM.

funny, I first read that as "nuclear frisson".

anyways, AJP is an asshole, so I think he will fit right in.


Fans hate AJ until he is on their team. Dirtdog all around.

Good feeling about this.

Well, I have the day off tomorrow. So have a great weekend all. Hopefully we'll have something fun to yak about on Monday.

He is monitored by the NSA because they are jealous.
Stay creepy, my friends.

I loved this quote from the A.J. diary, "I didn't want to fight for 12, so I was joking with some of the guys on the White Sox about how I can't be 12. They always call Hawk my dad, so I said, "Maybe I'll be 40." I know it made his day because anytime he sees me now he says, "Hey, 40."

Not so sure I like his emphasis on hitting a homer at Fenway. I foresee a slump at the plate until he hits his first, ala Papi a few years ago.

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