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But how were the commercials?

Forget raising minimum wage and amnesty for illegals, can we once and for all agree that the numbah one priority of this great nation is the establishment of a Monday aftah Super Bowl holiday?


Seriously, can't we get an Executive Ordah on this?


As hungovah as we feel this morning, imagine how Peyton Manning feels?


Are you kidding me? The Seahawks defense so effectively shut down the Bronco's forward progress that latah this morning Chris Christie is going to have a 4 hour press conference explaining earnestly that he had no prior knowledge of Pete Carroll's scheme to come to New Jersey and close Denvah's lanes.


And it looks like the "can't win the big one" skeleton Peyton Manning had managed to neatly tuck away in his closet is back out.


Yeah, that skeleton is out and attending aftah pahties with Bruno Mahs.



The scenes at Secaucus Junction reminded me of the green line Kenmore Square station after a Sox game. The suckers at that bogus bowl didn't have a bar to kill time at while the crowds thinned out. Give me a place to soak in some brew while waiting for the green line to thin out.

And the commercials generally sucked. No, they just plain sucked.

By the 4th quarter the Manning fanboys among my FB friend list had resorted to the cheating canard to justify their instance that Manning > Brady.

I'm not sure I would have enjoyed a Patriots SB Victory any more than I enjoyed the beat down on Manning last night.

Ramirez. Manny Ramirez.

That event was a dog. Doges were everywhere, just a few token cats. Disgusting.

I would have exchanged all the commercials for more shots of Peyton sitting dejectedly on the sideline. That was much more entertaining.

Seattle Uehara'd Denver.

But Bob Dylan shill cahs?


The times, the are a'changin'. (Baby Blue interior optional.)

Welker looked rather human without a big game QB throwing to him.

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