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Bold predictions

You see this season's numbahs from Bill James?




Papi 19 homahs, Bogaerts an .807 OPS, 14 wins for Lestah...


And then there's Middlebrooks: 32 HR, 104 RB, .800 OPS.


And the report is Middlebrooks has added 12 lbs of muscle. "Utter devestation."


Jenny Dell you've done a good thing, a very good thing indeed.



Papi is 30 HRs, the 19 HR number belongs to Xander. So even better!

Whee, let's quote a guy that was so accurate in projecting 2012's stats into 2013's. Great for contract negotiations, but in the actual or real world, Art Howe may have been just as right as Bill James/Billy Beane.
Will, TV chicks are very expensive, sort of like an Mercedes/AMG S63 Black whose tires cost $875 each ( You can't get 'em at Wal Mart Auto, for $39.95 for 3, fourth free w/balancing...), a headlight module? On a starting infielder's pay, all right, but in the real world, that'll hurt.

I can't read. Thanks for correction COD.

Middlebrooks added his 12 pounds of muscle with Enzyte.

"How'd you like to see that angry!!"

RIP Shirley Temple :(

who knew she was still alive?



Had the same reaction.

"Keep that monster away from me!"- W.C Fields on Shirley Temple

tough crowd

"Ah,what symetrical digits." ;D

Great Fields line: "Any man who hates dogs and children can't be all ba-a-a-d."

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