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Between a stone and a hard place

We interrupt this total absence of Red Sox news with this important update from the world of curling: John Shuster is teh suck.


So much for . the bounce from Shustah's wife texting him.


Bitch needs to staht sexting some naked selfies. I mean this is a national embarrassment fercrissakes.


The reversed Curse of LaBonte lives!


Somebody get Shaughnessy on this.



Oh,the humanity!!

What about the Norwegians, and their loudmouth pants.
"The most important thing is to win the beer ends, which at the Opossum Lake briar is every end."-Red Green

I have curled (verb?). It's fun and you can drink beer. I think we could do better.

Goddamn, could baseball please start? I've got a taste for an Indians-Astros Spring Training broadcast. That's how bad it's gotten.

also RIP Ralph Kiner from last week.

Unrelated, if you use Twitter, please follow @JerryTrupiano, as he is relatively active at it. way back.


Remeber when somebody in Columbia killed the soccer player who scored an own-goal? Just saying, Shuster, just saying.

Oh, and this.

Shunsuke Watanabe 渡辺 俊介

No. 99 for your BRS.

"Watanabe is known for having the world's lowest release point, letting go of the ball only about 2 inches above the ground, and his hand sometimes brushes against the ground as he throws. His body is much closer to the ground than other submarine pitchers, and his right knee has bled during games because it skids against the mound."


off topic, but "fercrissakes" has to be one of my all-time fave exclamations the characters say

I got nothing else

I'll take curling over figure skating any day of the week.

One does not see a figure skater doing a shot and a beer, often as they are too young or anorexic!

Agree with yazbread. Can we please get some prime time curling on tv?

maybe if they mix in the biathlon - shooting seems to liven up any sport.

Jeter to retire at end of season. Last game barring injury (likely) or postseason (really?) at Fenway.


Well the Jeter farewell tour will only detract from the MFYs on-field performance this year.

Curling was on last night - we watched the Russian women lose to China over dinner in a pub. I really do need to find a nice, concise explanation of the game though as I have no idea what they hell is going on as I watch it.

I was hoping he'd play another 5 years. Until his shortstop "range" was limited to 1" on either side.

COD, it's really simple. Here's the "Dummies" guide. Not that you're a dummy. You're just confused and bitter.


Well, consider what it must be like to have participated since 1936 with a total medal count in single digits (5*, 1 and 3): cf OZZIE OZZIE OZZIE; OI OI OI. And I don't think we've even got a curling team (let alone one filled with hot chicks).

* And one of the gold came because the rest of the field (as the commenttor put it) 'falled down'.


disgruntledly yours

Hack. Hog line. House. Hammer. Most points wins. All there is to it.

@sdu. and the last shall be first

Yeah, I agree. I actually haven't been able to hate any of the Yankees since 2004.

In truth, I've pretty much been faking most every emotion since 2004.

I'm chilled. Sated.

Which makes continuing the strip kind of, I dunno, creepy.

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