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And we're back (sort of)

The good news is the allergy meds are working...


The bad news is the allergy meds are working...


I'm in a stupah and my sinuses feel like I've chooming 3rd-rate homegrown cut with sawdust.


You know it's pretty selfish of to be only thinking of yourself at a time like this.


I mean there's a national clown shortage going on fercrissakes.



Maybe Stephen King could help...and a happy birthday shout-out to our own Buckner Was Framed.

Kelly's Roast Beef all around!! ;O

THAT explains why the butler is sneezing, growling and generally so very human. Emi is even hiding. I didn't raise her to be a fool.

Allegra, I love you. Now, can I function? Can Buchholz get in 25 quality starts like Gentleman Jim Lonborg or Pre-steroid/HGH Rodger Clements (sic)and Pedro, or a few here and a few there? Let us argue among ourselves.

Happy Birthday, Buck! Now take off those oversized shoes and that spinning bow tie, and smash a piece of cake into Big Bri's face. Oh, that's a BRICK in the cake? Tee-hee.

Feel better h.b. I've been dealin with this for 3 weeks (off and on)

I've been a little shelfish, too.

I've been a little shellfish, too.

I've been a little selfies, too.

Get better soon, hb. Much beisbol ahead.


Happy birthday Buck! And I love Kelly's!! Pedey is in camp and says the thumb feels great. And no Dempster is addition by subtraction. Let's play some ball!!!

I don't like heading into camp with only 5 guys that have proven they can consistently go 5 or 6 innings with 3 runs or less allowed. Odds are one of the bunch won't be ready for his first start for one reason or another. Is Bronson Arroyo still available?

Are we not dead?-We were Devo!! Too soon?

happy birthday to buck!!!

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