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A logical decision

Looks like the Red Sox are continuing the commitment to Moneyball style baseball is as firm as evah.


The smahtest guys in the room.




Aftah a long day at Fenway, 3 Red Sox baseball analysts walk ovah to the Beer Works...


The bahmaid asks, "You guys all want a beer?"


The first analyst says, "I'm not sure."


The second analyst says, "I'm not sure."


The third analyst says, "Yes."


And they drank the beer. And they pronounced that it was a very good thing, a very good thing, indeed.



Rybarczyk? Any relation to Mr.Mxyzptlk, the Superman villian?

Consensus eludes me, as one of the beings here is a dedicated contrarian.

or a constipated Rastafarian. Which is it?



Beer is ALWAYS a very good thing indeed. ;D

With the possible exception of The Beer Works varieties containing blueberries or watermelon.

did they analyze the BAR (Brew Above Replacement) scores of the beverages available?

I look at Feline Above Human replacement figures, SVP.

So this week in Ft Myers is fantasy Sox camp... Last week our DC-based league had its own (and much cheaper) camp there, with a couple of Sox coaches, plus Bill Lee... For all the crap he's put up with, have to say he's a marvelously upbeat guy... Didn't realize he was such a student of hitting -- his average was well above .300 his last year in Montreal... He just likes the game, simple as that... Good thing to remember as we enter 2014, because our recent string of luck may not continue, but the game is still there to enjoy...

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