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Why not?

Grady Sizemore... now that's how you steal the headlines back from the Yankees.


Heh. Low, low risk. Reasonable return if he stays healthy.


Can he even play centah field at this point?


Here's the way I see it: The last time Cherington made a deal like this it was with Mike Napoli.


How'd that work out for ya?


Good point. And then, of course, there's Sizemore's wife.


See, it's all upside, bro.



I see Sizemore as a guy that really dug the whole scene, knowing it was going to be like catching lightning in a bottle, and knowing he had to live in the moment. He'll fit in the Sox clubhouse just fine. He may be going to hell in a bucket, but at least he's enjoying the ride.

Gives new meaning to the notion of binger.

preemptive: hardly knew her.

heard DRoss on the radio this morning. He can't hardly wait for P&C in 3 weeks' time.

downside: another grady.

never forget.


Thank you hb. When I heard the news about Sizemore I thought: meh. I had no idea about his smoking hot wife though. Much better deal now.

Brittany Binger, eh? Sox community is now insanely jealous since Grady gets to Banger.

Low risk move and I see nothing wrong with this since Ellsbury bailed out and Choo sadly was just too much money thank you very much Scott Moneybags Boras.

Love the upside. It does make the outfield more lefty than the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee, and pretty much guarantees Jonny Gomes will start against LHP. I hope Nava is everyday, though.

@Chops: I agree about Nava, but he's still young and like Bradley Jr. will likely be thought that they'll need some platoon time and/or some future development. It's smart. It's the same logic Ben and John thought with Napoli, plus Grady has three times the plate discipline Napoli has.

Napoli is to Sizemore as Dracula is to Twilight.

Or maybe Count Chocula?

No worries either way. God, I'm looking forward to this season!

Oh, does that mean he sparkles? Sweet.

Left elbow,left knee,right knee,back surgery and 2 hernias. Surprised we managed to sneak him in under the Yankee's radar. ;O

FWIW - I hear Grady will use the same chiropractor that Larry used to get a few more years on the parquet.

My butler has a chiropractor that he swears by and swears about, depending on how he feels. If this guy got this Bird guy through even one more season in the NBA, when real players were there, the it's all good. But, my butler's "rackem baby" is quite attractive for a human female.

Count Chocula was a mean mofo. Probably because he couldn't use a mirror before shooting a commercial.


Oh yeah,it's Friday.

cartoons are not real.

CmndrFlake - Caught the GD reference.

Have a great weekend all. Hopefully we'll have something fun to yak about on Monday.

Pessimistic view of the world from afar: the Yanks will win the east by 20 games.

My wife has always been hot for him. We'll be watching more games this year, me thinks

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