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When Papi's happy, everybody's happy

Let's face it, Truck Day has been supplanted as the unofficial start to the new season...


The real harbingah is Papi bemoaning his contract.


Yeah, it's the ying to his clutch homerun yang.


Just give the man anothah year and move on.


As there should. I mean I love Papi as much as an Red Sox evah, and I want him to finish his career in en medias rojas...


But he has to come to terms with his own mortality.


Yep, even Señor Clutch can't get out of the late inning jam of this mortal coil.


We all bear the whips and scorns of time.




Speaking of cats-Happy Lunar New Year.

Rest in peace, Colonel. I have a chance to do some good for felineity. Yes, I shall be breeding today. Good fun, that.

He isn't going to dig being put in his travel box, even if it is for a good cause. I feel like Cherington is going to have the same level of angst telling Papi he will get a pay raise and perhaps another season. Ben, the moon makes strange things happen. Now, to get my boss in his box. Where's that pimped out catnip...

Uh, Medias Rojas. Calcetines are the short ones. Medias are the long ones.

My cats are just fine, thanks for asking.

In the brilliant Steve Burton interview Papi has a Chihuahua on his lap (too much time w/ the Hollywood crowd), cat-like yes, but technically a dog.

Yap, yap yapping about his contract...

Gracias, Pablo. Cambiado.

...or as Jerry would say "Buenos Tardes,Amigos" ;O

Mucho mejor. Bien hecho.

'harbingah' is my new favorite word.

My boss has completed his mission, thus continuing felinedom yet again. I dig the Vet, seriously (7.5 out of 10). She's not upset after my boss scratched her. All she did was trim his claws as far as possible. Serves him right. But, when he left he looked happy as could be. The Vet and I are relieved. Ben should have such fortune dealing with Scott Boras.

Whatever Papi wants, Papi gets...and big man, Big Papi wants money.

That's a play on a song from Damn Yankees. Or should I say, Damn Skankees.

Have a great weekend all. Hopefully we'll have something fun to yak about on Monday.

Hey, Papi is already paying dividends for this year. I mean, this IS Friday and we have a strip to creep about....


A warning: hb said we could keep our strip.
My boss? He is purring like a Shelby GT.


J. Joyce (not the umpire)

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