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The hand of fate (doesn't wear a white glove)

If you want a rock solid example of how much things have changed since 2004 it's this: A-Rod is suspended for all of 2014 but I have no opinion one way or the othah...


I feel no emotion whatsovah.


Here's the one emotion I feel—I am so so so so so glad that fate intervened when it did and prevented that trade to the Red Sox from evah happening.


There but for the grace of God go I.


Speaking of grace, World Series champions and Super Bowl champions at the same time?


So let it be written; so let it be done (with the running game).



I didn't even watch the 60 Minutes interview with Mr. Ass-Injector. The only issue with A-Fraud that interests me in the least is how his suspension affects the Skankees' payroll.

The Skankees just gained $24 million that can either save next year, or blow on an over priced pitcher from Japan.

Slappy McBlue and, for more conventional reasons, Mark Teixeira too; saved a lot of $ and angst, won a couple WS's. Then there's the schadenfreude which is also kinda fun.

Nice win over the Colts. Anyone else catch Wilfork on the sidelines and think that maybe his career is over? He appears to be eating this way through his extended off season.

Hey creepy readers. If anyone is headed to Denver for the Pats game let me know. We will be tailgating early and often. There will be food, drink and "medicine" served.

Does AFraud now get ANY HOF votes when he gets on the ballot? It will probably be like the scene in the Dean's office from Animal House: "Mr. Rodriguez. Zero point zero"

AFraud really is lucky they will allow him to return in 2015, Brian Cashman likely wishes he was working under the NFL's rules for drug/HGH cases, so he could clear all that $$ for other players.
My boss is asleep after a bacon and "balanced recipe meat delight" breakfast. He's happy, Me? I've had better days. I fear Peyton Manning tearing up the suspect Pats D-backs, but if they control possession and run and run some more.
"Have they got a chance, General?"
"Have they got a chance? Hell, yeah! If this guy is good, I mean REAL GOOD! He could (run) it right down their goddamn throats!" From Dr. Strangelove, or How I stopped Worrying and Learned to Love the Bomb. Between President Merkin Muffley (Now that's a name for you creepy peeps, from 50+ years ago!) and General 'Buck' Turgidson, who was George C. Scott's seminal role prior to being cast as Gen. George S. Patton. In the war room toward the end of the film, when Gen. Turgidson lets his true colors loose, along with his gonads.

I like a sport where the Next Big Game is tonight.


soxinsix, yes, he'll get votes. Peter Gammon will vote for him. In his recent explanation of his ballot for the HOF this year, he basically said as much.

He defended his vote of Clemens by saying (paraphrasing), "I don't care if they did or didn't do steroids. There are plenty of louts in the hall and there's room for one more. However, they did things during their time in the game that are above anyone that came before them. Besides, there will be guys who doped and we never figured it out, so we let them in without even knowing to argue about them".

So, yes, A-Rod will probably be in the hall one of these years.

A Hall of Fame is not supposed to judge their potential members unless they soiled the game. The dopers soiled the game, surely as gamblers, like Pete Rose and Joe Jackson et al. Their records are there to challenge honest stars to break their records.

That's thinking outside your box.


Kaz, the difference with Clemens and Bonds for me is that they had HOF-caliber careers before they started juicing. It would seem A-Rod has been dirty the whole time. He shouldn't get in.

He'll get votes. Someone voted for Armando Benitez, King of Flop Sweat. HOF voting is a crock.

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